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Ultimate Cooling Effect Aftershave Balm How It Works

ULTRA SOOTHING Moisturiser For Men, Post Shave Lotion: Formulated with Aloe Vera to help repair cuts and nicks. Do you suffer from razor burn, redness or irritated skin after your daily shave?

Let our lightweight cream calm, comfort & cool even the most sensitive of faces. Oh and did we tell you, it contains natural anti ageing ingredients to help your skin look more vibrant, radiant and youthful.

Skin Stuff 4 Blokes Ultimate Cooling Effect Moisturiser for Men Contains 97.5% Natural & Organic Ingredients, More Than Almost Any Other Skincare Company.

Your Face Will Thank You For Using Our Natural & Organic Anti-Ageing Face Cream &  Aftershave Lotion.

Our formulations won't baffle you with science, nor will be ever add harsh chemicals to our skincare range. We tell it how it is! Your face will thank you for using this hydrating, cooling, nourishing, anti wrinkle face moisturiser for men.

Essential fruit extracts work together to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, calm irritated skin and enhance your skins natural defences:

  • Energise your post shave skin
  • Perk up & un-wrinkle tired looking skin
  • Prevent & Repair Damage Caused By The Environment By Utilising Natural Antioxidents
  • Plumps & tones your skin, making you look more youthful
  • Refreshing, subtle scent

SS4Bs unique natural formula helps to Regenerate, Hydrates & Protect your skin & reverses the signs of ageing

  • Prevents water loss
  • Attracts moisture to your skin
  • Calms irritated, problem skin, leaving you looking refreshed
  • Restores skins elasticity
  • Firms & helps fight environmental damage & free radicals

Most Moisturisers for men contain chemicals, these are potentially harmful & definitely aggravate sensitive skin, try our naturally soothing facial moisturiser today!