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You should know what’s in your skincare products & why it’s there and more importantly how it helps your skin!

Did you know that you can claim to be have a natural product if you have even the slightest trace of natural ingredients in a formulation (we won’t shame any brands here…) but you can probably guess a few of them!

You deserve to know exactly what you’re apply to your skin, that’s why we decided to be as open as we can be about our formulations (we can’t tell you exact formulations and percentages as it would be easy for a unscrupulous competitor to mimic Naturology’s wonderful natural skin care range) 

As we’re sure you’re aware use of natural and natural source ingredients is growing in popularity as consumers become aware of the ecological and biological impact of synthetic ingredients both internally and externally.

Naturology uses natural & organic ingredients that are present in or produced by nature.

All our products are:

  • As natural as can be (all over 90% natural)
  • not synthetically produced
  • ecologically ethical - grown, harvested, raised and processed in an ecological or sustainable manner
  • not extracted or processed using anything other than natural ingredients
  • not genetically engineered
  • not GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  • not containing artificial colors
  • not containing synthetic fragrance

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Mark & Chloe