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Skin Types


Flaky, Dry or Red Patches Tight Appearance with small pores Looks dull & lacklustre Wrinkles & fine lines may develop more easily


Shiny Appearance Enlarged Pores Prone to acne & blackheads

Mature / Anti-Ageing

Fine lines & wrinkles Often display hyperpigmentation Wrinkles often start around eyes, mouth & forehead Skin may appear loose, lack of elasticity


Blotchy Patches / Redness Spots Prone to rashes & irritation Broken Capillaries May feel itching or burning


Neither oily or dry Very few discolorations Blemish free Skin appears smooth & clear


Chin, forehead & Nose may be oily Areas around eyes, hair & jaw often dry Prone to blackheads Large pores

How to determine your skin type?

  • 1. First wash your face & gently pat dry
  • 2. Leave your face alone for a few hours without putting on any products or makeup
  • 3. Using oil blotting paper, dab on one area of your face at a time
  • 4. Look at the paper to see which areas leave An oily residue (if any)
Your nose & forehead are naturally oily so just remember that!!