Natural Beauty Is The Best Beauty!

Sandalwood Beard Oil How It Works

Dear Bearded Bloke,

DID YOU KNOW: You can give your beard the perfect nutrition? Ever wondered why some bearded blokes look amazing, and others, well shall we say their face hair looks a bit of a tangled mess. It all about using the right products, oils to be exact. You see beard oil is designed to help you groom your man fluff, it moisturises, nourishes & revitalises coarse and damaged face hair, leaving you with a fuller & more manageable beard!

A NATURAL POWERHOUSE THAT SMELLS DELICIOUS: A Unique Blend Of The Finest Essential Oils Infused With Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Pink Pepper, Rose, Grapefruit & Ginger Make This Oil's Scent Beautifully Warm, Woody & Sensual. Most Beards Are Average & Mundane It's Your Beards Time To Shine (and smell great), We Turn It Into A Super Healthy Beard You'll Be Proud To Wear! We Never Use Artificial Ingredients, We're Full Of Natural Goodness.

ENHANCE YOUR BEARDS NATURAL OILS: A good beard oil or balm works in harmony with your skins natural oils & restores the health of your beard or mustache. With 100% natural ingredients, and no harsh artificial chemicals our beard is hypoallergenic & full of natures goodness! Keep a bottle of this sandalwood beard oil on your bathroom shelf to help you maintain a healthy, shiny fashioned & styled beard.

A LITTEL GOES A LONG WAY: Our Sandalwood Beard Oil should last you 2 months, you'll receive 50ml, and only need to use a few drops a day! Rub it into the palms of your hands & gently massage onto your skin and beard. It gets to work instantly hydrating, moisturising and softening you beard, keeping the hair neat, smooth and tangle free. A must have for any mans beard routine.

OUTRAGEOUS GUARANTEE: As With All Our Skincare Products, We Provide A Industry Leading Money Back Offer. Try Our Beard Oil For A Full 90 Days, If For Any Reason Your Not Completely Satisfied, Send Back Whatever You Have Left, And We Will Either Replace For Another Oil, Or Refund You. Can't Say Fairer Than That.

Hurry if you want our best selling beard oil, we produce it it small quantities to keep it as fresh and luxurious as possible - as of now we only have a limited number left!

What makes our sandalwood facial oil so good?

It comes down to freshness & purity of ingredients & the infusion of the essential oils. The best beard oil is formulated with 100% Natural & Organic produce.

Because of this you get a luxurious beard & moustache oil that:

• Enhances The Health Of Your Beard

• Hydrates & Moisturises

• Softens & Conditions

• Smells Amazing

• Repairs & Restores

• Combats Dryness

• Non Greasy

• Protects & Nourishes The Skin

• Makes Skin Flakes A Thing Of The Past

• Makes It Manageable

50ml Lasts Roughly 2 Months