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Natural & Organic Nipple Cream How It Works

Natural & Organic Nipple Cream - Soothing Balm Formulated to Protect Sore Cracked Nipples - Use Before & After Breast Feeding - No Need to Wash Off - Scent Free - No Lanolin

Firstly BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your new arrival, you're doing a great job. We know only too well what an amazing yet rewarding time this is (having had 2 of our own)

Breastfeeding or baby feeding is an incredibly rewarding experience, a "special" thing between you and your baby...

Yet your poor nipples end up suffering - breastfeeding pain is not uncommon, it inevitable that you'll experience sore breasts & nipples, after all you've got a little mouth attached for a few hours a day.

Relieve & protect your sore, cracked nipples & perineum with our all natural & organic nipple butter. 

Our unique formula contains:

  • Avocado oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Raspberry extract 
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Aloe vera
  • Calendula

And many more all-natural ingredients that provide gentle relief from the pain of feeding.

  • NATURAL ALTERNATIVE TO LANOLIN - some breastfeeding mums are allergic to lanolin & carry on feeding their little ones with painful, chapped and cracked nipples with no rescue in sight. Revitalise your sensitive nursing nipples with our safe, gentle cream
  • SAFE FOR BABY - natural & organic Naturology's specially formulated breastfeeding cream contains calendula, olive oil, shea butter, macadamia oil, aloe vera, raspberry & plum kernel extracts as well as other wonderfully nourishing & revitalising ingredients.
  • PARABEN & SULPHATE FREE We never use cheap bulkers or fillers, only the purest all-natural organic & natural active extracts, the cream, balm is also vehan friendly. Naturology's sore nipple cream bottle comes with a hygienic, easy to use pump dispenser.
  • NATURAL BABY PRODUCTS formulated by a mum of 2, Chloe created the Mum & Baby range for her own needs, and those of her children, are you suffering dry, red or cracked nipples, are they painful - this naturally soothing nipple cream works quickly to relieve your poor nipples

Completley SAFE FOR INFANTS. Naturology's formula is baby safe with no artificial dyes & Lanolin-free; can be safely ingested during baby feedings.