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Cradle Cap & Nappy Rash Treatment Directions

How to apply:

1. Cradle Cap: take a small amount (roughly 10p size) and gently massage into the affected area. The cream may not completely absorb straight away, that's OK (it depends how much hair your little one has!)

Apply the treatment 2 times daily (more if the cradle cap is quite severe).

You should start to see an improvement after the first use, although this is not always the case, if not immediate you should notice the cream working within a couple of days.

2. Nappy Rash: babies get sore bums for a variety of reasons, it's a skin inflammation caused by sitting in wet nappies ( although wee is not the main issue - it's actually the babies poo...

"it happens mainly because a baby’s poo contains digesting enzymes, which can start breaking her skin down if she’s left sitting in a dirty nappy too long. But nappy rash can also be aggravated by ammonia, which is made when your baby’s wee is broken down by bacteria from her poo, and in turn irritates her skin.” according to Stephen Kownacki, chair of the Primary Care Dermatology Society.

The key to treating nappy rash with a cream is to NOT put it on too thickly, instead it can create a film on the nappy lining, which reduces its absorption efficiency.

Instead, put on a thin layer of cream so the wee can be absorbed properly into the nappy, while the cream’s still protecting your baby’s skin.

Naturology's cream has been specially formulated to work on a variety of mild skin conditions, however if you are unsure as to the condition always seek advice from you doctor. 

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