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Acne Defense With Salicylic Acid How It Works

Naturology Acne & Spot Remover Cream has been expertly formulated with the best natural & organic ingredients, proven to reduce redness & acne quickly.

If you suffer from problem skin you should use this spot treatment as your main daily moisturising cream, it’s SPF 15 so it offers protection whilst you’re out and about.

Treat & heal your acne: 

  • Reduce pores
  • powerful exfoliation
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antibacterial
  • anti­microbial treatment
  • Anti aging
  • Sooth & restore balance
  • Significantly reduce redness & inflammation

A quick snapshot of why our Acne treatment moisturiser can help you...

MOISTURISER FOR ACNE PRONE SKIN Gentle formula helps treat & minimise whiteheads, blackheads & targets blemishes. Reduces the appearance of pores,  & helps prevent new blemishes from forming.

CLEAN, CLEAR & BEAUTIFUL LOOKING SKIN The most effective acne treatments for clear skin contain natural astringent solution or ingredients, these contain beneficial compounds like antioxidents that combat problem bacteria & help make your skin look clearer, fresher & younger.

LIGHTWEIGHT OIL FREE NON GREASY FORMULA absorbs quickly, soothes & calms as it hydrates your skin. The best moisturisers for acne prone skin are natural, so whether you have dry, oily, normal or combination skin you don’t want to smear your face with artificial chemicals, our cream is 92 % natural.

NO PARABENS, SULPHATES OR NASTY HARSH CHEMICALS – we only use worry free ingredients & safe recommended preservatives. Never tested on animals – cruelty free. Clear skin comes from using natural skincare products, we’ve infused the cream with vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, organic tea tree oil, lemon extract, tomato leaf extract apricot kernel & many more luxurious acne reducing actives

Ideal for men and women as well as adult acne and teen & adolescent acne. 

Ideally you want to use a moisturiser that is gel, oil-free or water-based as the light-weight formula gives you the moisture you need without bringing new breakouts with it.

A few ingredients to keep in mind are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide as the two fight any existing breakouts as well as prevent any future ones.

There’s also humectants glycerin and hyaluronic acid that pull water to skin to retain its natural moisture levels.

Try the best moisturiser for acne-prone skin use in conjunction with Naturology’s Acne Defense Clear Skin Cleanser and get rid of acne, pimples & blackheads quickly & effectively.