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Naturology Skincare - About Us

The Naturology story begins with Chloe Wallace, a beauty-conscious wife, and Mark, a wallet-conscious husband.

Mark was fed up with his wife spending exorbitant sums on so called ‘top-shelf’ skincare products…

Chloe was tired of religiously applying her skin care products day after day, and seeing little to no results!

Chloe, a trained beauty therapist, and Mark, a health and wellness entrepreneur, decided to develop their own line of high-quality all-natural skincare products.

Mark and Chloe quickly realized that most of the BIG name beauty brands sold serums filled with nasty chemicals… chemicals that were not only dangerous, but also felt ‘fake’ and ‘synthetic’ on the skin.

That’s how Naturology was born!

Watch the quick video about Naturology & why we created our lovely Natural & Organic Skincare Ranges

They kicked Benzoyl Peroxide to the curb, in favor of healthy green tea extract!

They cut out paraben completely, favoring nourishing fruit-based vitamins and minerals instead!

Each and every Naturology skincare product is packed with 90% + Natural ingredients, designed to help your skin look and felt its best day in and day out. But don’t let the quality ingredients fool you… Naturology delivers the nourishment that your skin needs at a fraction of the price of big name brands!

Naturology unleashes the power of super fruits, healthy plants, and beneficial herbal extracts that are ALWAYS tested on humans and NEVER on animals. Each and every bottle is made in small artisanal batches in the UK, assuring that when you put it on your skin, it will always be made of fresh ingredients, and mixed to perfection.

Looking for a vegan-friendly moisturizer to lock in your skin’s natural radiance? Try the  Stem Cell Active Youth Moisturiser.

Want to keep the skin around your eyes smooth and wrinkle-free? You’re looking for an all-natural Pro Age Eye serum!

And… if you’d like to keep your children’s skin healthy and protected, let them use one of our products designed specifically for children and babies! Chloe and Mark trust their skincare products on their own children. You can too!

Don’t trust your skin to high-priced, brand name beauty products that are packed with chemicals!

Give your skin the healthy nourishment that it needs with Naturology.

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