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10 Dangerous Compounds in Your Beauty & Skincare Products You Need To Know About

10 Dangerous Compounds in Your Beauty & Skincare Products You Need To Know About

Hopefully by now everyone knows that choosing natural products is best and that applies to most things, not just natural skincare!  It’s no secret that natural goodness in food is better than processed foods full of preservatives, additives and chemicals.  Of course, organic food is best because it has not been treated with pesticides, pathogens and hormones (the latter applies to meat, milk and dairy especially) and similar rules apply to natural skincare and beauty products. 

While natural is best, with beauty and skincare products it is impossible to produce completely natural products because of life span.  Completely naturally prepared skincare and beauty products will deteriorate over days, sometimes weeks so they can’t be mass-produced, only home-made.  However, almost 100% natural skincare is achievable and we know this because at Naturology we guarantee our product lines are up to 98% natural.  The only chemicals involved are gentle tried and tested safe preservatives to make sure our products last while still delivering outstanding results. 

The reason we don’t use lists of chemicals in our skincare range is because the majority are unhealthy and some skincare and beauty companies use chemicals which are, frankly, dangerous.  It’s amazing how many people don’t understand the complexities of the chemical names that are found on numerous ingredients lists.  There are hundreds of ingredient names which are damaging to health.  Some of these ingredients are used in household cleaners, others are used in petrol…in studies, many ingredients have been found in traces of cancer tissue and others disrupt hormones and the reproductive system. 

Would you like to know the 10 most dangerous ingredients?  Here’s a list of the compounds you should completely avoid:

  • Benzoly Peroxide

You will find this nasty in many acne treatments.  So for example it is used in Clearasil and Oxy-10.  Yes it might help dry out spots but there has been recent evidence that it could trigger tumours.  It also damages DNA in human cells and it’s toxic – if you get it in your eye it will cause irritation.  The reality is, it’s too strong for skin, try a gentle natural product like tea-tree oil on spots, less harmful but equally effective.

  • Parabens

There has been plenty of bad press surrounding parabens and quite rightly so. Parabens are used as preservatives but they are dangerous.  In breast cancer patients it is now a well-known fact that it has been found in cancerous tissues.  Additionally, it is also a hormone disruptor in women particularly bringing on early puberty and it is thought it might encourage sterility in men.  Parabens are found in so many beauty products from shampoos to deodorants so check your bathroom cabinet.

  • FD&C Colour

These are synthetic colours in beauty products such as make-up and they are derived from coal or tar.  The coal or tar contains heavy metal salts and these penetrate the skin which becomes irritated.  Once it gets into the skin it reduces oxygen and can even cause death – this has been apparent in testing on animals.  It is incredible that this compound is still allowed in make-up!

  • Propylene Glycol

This is derived from petroleum and used in plastic products. When it is being industrially extracted, workers need to cover their hands with gloves, wear goggles and protective clothing.  The mind boggles as to why it is allowed in skincare and beauty products!  It penetrates the skin, becoming absorbed into the blood stream - too much causes brain, kidney and liver damage.

  • Sodium Lauryl and LaurethSulfate

This is a horrendous compound which is only used to create big frothy foam.  You’ll find it in shower gels and shampoos but you’ll also find it in household cleaners.  It irritates skin, blocks up hair follicles, can cause hair loss and scalp redness.  That’s not all…. Extensive use can cause damage to eyesight, depression, breathing problems, digestive problems and it can also be fatal.

  • MEA, TEA and DEA (Monoethanolamine, TriethanolamineamdDiethanolamine)

Here’s another foam booster which is used in body washes, hand wash and shampoo, it causes irritation to eyes and skin sometimes leading to dermatitis and eczema.  We should also warn you that it easily penetrates the skin and quantities build up in the body’s organs such as the brain.

  • Phthalates

These are rarely listed on labels but used in a variety of products.  Phthalates cause damage to the kidneys and liver, can cause birth defects, affect sperm production and encourage early onset of puberty in breasts (in boys and girls).

  • Triclosan

This is used as an anti-bacterial ingredient and is actually a pesticide which is dangerous to humans, potentially triggering cancerous diseases.

  • DMDM Hydantoin& Urea

These are two preservatives which contain formaldehyde – known to trigger cancer.  Additionally they cause joint discomfort, irritated skin conditions, depression, headaches, chest pain, tiredness, allergies and interrupted sleep.

  • PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)

Found in almost every skin and beauty product, this is a toxin which causes liver and kidney damage as well as being a skin irritant.  Furthermore it is believed to contribute to some cancers.

So there you have it – these are 10 compounds which must be avoided at all costs.  There are others of course but these are particularly dangerous.  It’s interesting how many people want to live a healthy lifestyle but are completely in the dark as to what they are using in day to day personal care.  By taking note of the above ingredients and removing the products which contain them everyone canmake positive healthy changes.

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  • Mark Wallace