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How Green Tea Can Work With Your Beauty Regime

How Green Tea Can Work With Your Beauty Regime

Green Tea is a potent natural product which has so many health benefits it shouldn’t be ignored!  Get rid of your English breakfast tea, throw away your instant coffee and stock up on this natural tea because it will be the healthiest cuppa you can have! There are a huge number of positives that it’s worth adding it to your daily routine so put it on your shopping list.    At Naturology we recognise all of the advantages Green Tea has for restoring and maintaining beautiful skin, certainly combined with a super Naturology beauty regime using all-natural skincare products it is a powerful weapon in the fight for sensational skin.  Additionally, Green Tea works as an all-round healthy drink which fortifies the body with vital nutrients and vitamins, aiding good health and wellbeing.

Green Tea and Your Health

It’s definitely worth mentioning a few of Green Tea’s positive effects on the rest of the body before we go into what it can do for your skin As a rich source of antioxidants it fights off virus and allergies.  Using Green Tea as a beverage for example supposedly boosts flu immunity (very important at this time of year when the flu virus is rife).  This was proven by a Japanese study on Green Tea’s health benefits.  Furthermore, a study at Harvard University showed that certain chemicals in Green Tea stimulate our Gammadelta T Cells – this refers to the cells which help our immune system grow strong and fight bacteria. Green Tea is also used as to stave off Alzheimer’s disease and there was a 2 year study carried out on elderly people.  The study was split into two camps, those who drank ten cups of Green Tea a day and those who didn’t.  Of those who did drink it, 96% had no degeneration in cognitive behaviour compared to just 12% of those who didn’t drink Green Tea.

Green Tea and Staying Beautiful

Now let’s look at how Green Tea can keep you looking good!

  • Allergies Green Tea helps allergies that aggravate your skin because it reduces inflammation, that itchy feeling and redness so in future don’t reach for the antihistamine, have a cup of this wonder-stuff! It works by blocking a key receptor which produces that allergic response – so Green Tea will help restore your natural beauty and help you to be allergy-free.
  • Anti-Aging Green Tea fights against Free Radicals (the term for pollution, smoking, petrol fumes, industrial fumes and sun damage). These cause skin to break down collagen, become susceptible to spots, age marks, wrinkles and lines.  Green Tea halts this breakdown process and keeps skin supple, soft and dewy.  A few cups of Green Tea a day will help to prevent wrinkles setting in and combined with the Naturology Stem Cell Active Youth Moisturiser (with Green Tea) skin looks ten years younger!
  • Parkinsons As well as Alzheimer’s, Green tea delays deterioration of Parkinson’s and protects brain cells from dying so you can be beautiful and brainy too!
  • Teeth Green Tea stops teeth from rotting…it has the antioxidant “Catechin” which destroys bacteria in the mouth leading to tooth decay and other dental problems so you can smile brightly safe in the knowledge your teeth will always look good.
  • Anti-Depressant Green Tea has “Theanine” in it which is a natural amino acid found in the leaves. This produces a relaxing effect, soothing and calming so it’s great for depression.  There’s nothing better for your beauty regime than a positive mental state because happiness shines through!
  • Sun Damage Green Tea doesn’t just have to be a drink either! It can be applied topically and in studies, results show that Green Tea smoothed on skin can reduce sun damage, it certainly reduces swelling and redness caused by sunburn. 
  • Stretch Marks & Cellulite It helps to reduce stretch marks and dimply skin because it aids circulation – try the Naturology Cellulite Stretch Mark & Scar lotion (which contains Green Tea) and have a cup of Green Tea with it to get the ultimate results!

Green Tea in Your Beauty Regime

So, apart from drinking Green Tea, how else can you use it in your beauty regime?  Here are five tried and tested beauty treats using this potent antioxidant drink.

  • Make a face mask! After you’ve had a drink, remove the tea bag, cut it open, remove the contents and mix with honey and yoghurt.  Apply to your face and rinse off after ten minutes for a fresh boost to your complexion.
  • Make a cuppa for your face! Allow it to cool down and then apply it to your face like a toner, rinse with cold water for a refreshing, cooling skin treat.
  • Have a couple of cups of Green Tea. When the tea is finished, put the bags in the fridge for a couple of hours.  Then place the cold teabags over your eyes and let them rest there for 10 minutes. After removal, your eyes should feel tight and bright – this is great for banishing shadows and refreshing tired eyes.
  • Make a pot of Green Tea, allow it to cool then store it in a jar. You can refrigerate it and use it as a toner after cleansing your skin.  It tightens and brightens exceptionally well.
  • Boil up a kettle and pour the hot water into a bowl, drop a teabag into the bowl, steam your face over the bowl with a towel over your head – the Green Tea is excellent for opening pores and encouraging impurities to come to the surface.

For an all-natural skincare regime, buy the Naturology collection of skincare products designed to improve your complexion, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give you the glowing, youthful skin you’ve always dreamed of.



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