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Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics and Skincare Products



Ask yourself; are you really aware of what chemicals and ingredients you should avoid when choosing your skincare and cosmetics? You may be aware which is great and if you’ve been following our Naturology blog then by now you should definitely have a better understanding as to how important it is to use as natural as possible skincare products and cosmetics. 

Natural skincare is the best care you can give your skin because it contain the least amount of harmful ingredients.  It’s very hard to find a reputable brand delivering almost all-natural skincare and our Naturology brand is the closest you will get to completely fabulous skincare products without harmful ingredients.  At almost 98% natural, the skincare we make is completely harmless and everything we promise to bring you though our skincare, we deliver!  However, there are many people (and you could be one of them) who don’t know about the dangerous ingredients in much of the skincare on the market.  Perhaps you might not realise that other products you use on a daily basis such as make-up and shower gel could be harmful.  There are ingredients in these which are exceptionally dangerous to your health and in some cases,             can cause    life threatening illness.

To help you decipher what you should be steering clear of, you can count on Naturology because we have put together a simple list of ingredients to completely avoid. So next time that gorgeous new sparkly lipstick catches your eye, check the label and understand what you're putting on your face:


This is found in numerous cosmetics, possibly a number you already have lurking in your make-up bag or bathroom cabinet and it has been proven to interfere with hormone production. Commonly used in sunscreen, gels, creams and liquids don’t be fooled, it is harmful and toxic and a known skin irritant            too.        It’s          time       to            bin          it!


This nasty is widely used in make-up and hair care and has had its fair share of bad press, quite rightly too. It is now well-known known to interfere with hormones and Parabens have also been found in breast cancer tissue in breast cancer patients.  There’s nothing pretty about it, so get rid of it.

SLS (Sodium Laureth      or           Lauryl    Sulphate)

This is found in foaming products and cosmetics, particularly in shampoos, shower gels and water-activated cleansers. You should know that this ingredient is also used in household detergent and causes irritated skin, interruption to hair growth and even hair loss. It is also known to alter liver function. If you use it to wash dishes you wouldn't want to use it to wash your face, save it for the kitchen sink, not the bathroom sink!


Used in soaps and soapy textured products this is a very harsh ingredient and strips skin of natural oils. In animals, it stops antibiotics being effective in fighting bacteria although this is not proven in humans it can’t possibly be good for you.


No-one really understands what Parfum means because it hides a number of ingredients and manufacturers use it to mask what is in their products. It's also used to hide their “secret recipes” so inside could be anything they want to use. The skincare regulators don’t keep a good enough eye on what these ingredients are because there is no protocol to follow.  Oh and don’t be fooled, it's used in unscented products too. Some of the ingredients have cancer inducing properties and cause skin irritation such as dermatitis and eczema. 


This one is believed to be contaminated with a product known as 1,4-dioxane which is thought to potentially cause cancer.  You’ll find this nasty hidden in hair conditioners, deodorants and moisturiser      products.


Commonly found in lip balms, lipsticks and other lip products as well as suncream this is known to encourage cancer growth.


This nasty is found in nail varnishes and disrupts hormones. It’s also dangerous to the reproductive system so throw out any nail varnish containing this ingredient.


You’ll find this used regularly in moisturisers and shampoo.  It’s harmful to wildlife and to fish.  There is evidence to prove that these can cause cancer growth too so avoid them at all costs.


These ingredients are found in make-up and moisturising creams, it’s believed they can cause cancer and disrupt hormones.


The above list does make worrying reading.  It’s always best to stay cautious and use natural products wherever you can.  Natural products from our Naturology range have plenty of incredible ingredients designed to replenish, rejuvenate and refresh skin.  Natural products are packed with antioxidants to protect skin too, fighting free-radicals and promising a smoother, youthful and radiant complexion.  Just try our products for a few weeks and see the difference.  Not only will your skin be noticeably improved, you will be feeding your skin with luxuriously pure and honest ingredients.  Now that’s staying safe!

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  • Mark Wallace