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How To Prevent The Menopause Affecting Your Skin

How To Prevent The Menopause Affecting Your Skin

Perhaps you’ve had a great looking skin for years, plump, hydrated and dewy (lucky you!) and maybe the last time you experienced spots was in your teens.  All you’ve had to worry about is the onset of some fine lines and the odd wrinkle but menopause is a whole new phase, not just for your body, but for your skin too.  Menopause can start at any time from the age of 40 to late fifties and brings about large hormonal changes. Some women are lucky and barely notice the changes whereas others are acutely aware of every difference this new life stage brings. If your skin is suddenly reacting differently, flaring up with spots and maybe becoming irritated from certain skincare products it could be the reason behind it is the onset of menopause or peri-menopause.  While the menopause can be daunting for many women, there are plenty of positives.

Spots Be Gone!

Firstly, if you’ve always been a spot sufferer, the menopause should bring a new lease of life to your skin because oil production reduces significantly.  This means acne will die down to almost zero and pores will shrink dramatically.  Rather than bothersome spots at the time of your period you will find that because your periods are irregular your skin does not fluctuate as much as before.  For some women, initially the menopause brings breakouts and acne, this is because oil production is erratic – some weeks your skin will produce too much sebum whereas others it will produce too little so skin is unbalanced.  This does change and when menopause occurs and spots should be a distant memory

Erasing Lines

Of course, as you get older and into menopause your skin will begin to show greater signs of lines and wrinkles. However, rather than heading to the nearest Botox practitioner, luckily there are superb products in the Naturology skincare range that can reverse the signs of aging and restore a glowing, radiant and youthful looking skin.

Replenishing Lost Collagen

During the menopause collagen production reduces and elasticity starts to slacken so it is important to find products which are rich in collagen to help fight against baggy, wrinkly skin.  Look for creams that build collagen in your skin because these will help to keep hold of a plump, elastic and glowing complexion. You should also look for vitamins in skincare such as: 

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B5


Vitamin A and C are both perfect for keeping skin hydrated as they are rich, powerful antioxidants with amazing properties to keep skin looking younger and firmer.  Vitamin C helps to boost lost collagen too which is vital during and post menopause.  Other ingredients to look for include Vitamins E and B5 because they contain anti-aging contents and have the ability to fight free radicals which attack the skin, breaking it down.  These vitamins act as an army against enemies and ensure skin is left supple and soft rather than dry and dehydrated. 

Our very own Naturology Stem Cell Active Youth Moisturiser is excellent for daily use and for diminishing fine lines and discouraging wrinkles.  If you’re looking for a collagen ingredient the moisturiser contains marine collagen extract to plump up skin and keep it looking full and firm.  It also contains the Botox plant, Hibiscus which is proven to help give a lifting boost to skin. 

To bolster your daily skincare regime include our Naturology Age Reform Night Cream, another anti-aging product which is packed full of replenishing, rejuvenating ingredients.  The night cream boasts Argireline which is integral in fighting wrinkles and acts a little like Botox, relaxing the muscles and plumping up the areas where fine lines and wrinkles have appeared.  Dot the Naturology Pro Age Eye Gel around the contours of the eyes morning and before you go to sleep to banish bags and puffy appearance so eyes look sparkly and bright.

As menopause progresses, you should think about adding an anti-aging serum to your skincare routine.  The beauty of serum is it gets right into the skin and penetrates deep into the dermis.  Use it underneath moisturiser and you can also add it into your night routine, before night cream.  The Naturology Age Defying Vitamin C Serum is simply incredible because it targets dehydrated areas of the skin working all day to keep fine lines softened and it also battles against wrinkles, preventing, repairing and protecting.

Following the Naturology anti-aging skincare regime throughout the peri-menopause, menopause and beyond guarantees a younger, firmer looking you!  It’s such an outstanding set of anti-aging products that you won’t notice the changes to your skin, if anything you might even look younger than before the menopause years!

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  • Mark Wallace