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The Eyes Have It!

The Eyes Have It!

One of the first things you notice when you meet someone is their eyes, in fact you always look at other people’s eyes.  

Known as the window to the soul you are able to tell how others are thinking often just by reading their eyes. 

Bearing this in mind, it’s important to look after the skin around your eyes too because while you are looking at others’ eyes, they’re looking right back at yours!

At any age, eyes can look youthful, fresh and radiant but eyes are also the first place where you can read tell-tale signs of aging, stress and tiredness. 

So how can you make sure your eyes are looking sparkly and bright?  Read on to find out how you can banish puffiness, fine lines and dark shadows and have people compliment you on how wonderful your eyes are.

Under Eye Circles and Bags

  • Why Do You Get Them?

Every now and then you will experience circles and bags and the reason you get them could be a number of factors.  Firstly, they are usually genetic so if you know other people in your family suffer with this problem then that’s where yours come from. 

If you smoke then you will more than likely suffer from dark discolouration below your eyes, unfortunately there is only one thing you can do to stop this and that’s to quit the habit!  

Lack of sleep, stress and dehydration are other reasons why dark circles appear.  There are a few other reasons you might get under eye bags and circles, sinus problems, allergic reactions, sun damage and illness. 

Allergic reactions will eventually reduce once the cause is pinpointed and treated.  Unfortunately sun damage is irreversible so it’s best to learn how to conceal like a professional!  Again, bags and circles as a result of illness and sinus problems will hopefully rectify themselves once the illness has been treated.


Preventing Eye Circles, Bags and Dark Shadows

While it’s possibly difficult to remove stress from your life the best thing you can do for shadows, bags and circles is reduce it. 

The same can be said for a tired, dull complexion. Learning to relax will make all the difference. 

Try your best to build in daily time to relax and unwind whether it means enjoying a luxurious soak in a warm bubble bath, reading a good book or magazine to escape or treating yourself to a facial. 

Regular exercise in the fresh air is another way of getting circulation going and improving the look of your bags. 

You should also drink water because it is known to flush out impurities and hydrate from the inside out.  Water also brings back sparkle to your eyes as well as helping reduce bags.

Sleep is the obvious prevention so make sure you get at least seven hours a night because not only will it reduce puffiness, dark shadows and circles it will also make you feel refreshed and helps skin glow.

Finally never leave your make up on when you go to bed because this will encourage dark circles and puffiness.  Use a gentle make up remover and go to bed with a little eye cream as well as a good quality night cream.  We love Naturology’s Age Reform Night Cream to reduce puffiness and minimise fine lines.

Treating Eye Circles, Bags and Dark Shadows

The skin beneath your eyes is much finer than any other area on your body which is why it is more prone to dark shadows, puffiness and fine lines. 

A normal moisturiser will be too rich for this delicate area so use something especially designed for under the eyes. 

At Naturology we recommend Pro Age Eye-Gel which smooths fine lines and is an incredible boost for tired eyes plus it is almost all-natural containing vital antioxidants which fight free radicals caused by sun damage and pollution.  The result is a younger looking, refreshed and hydrated eye area.

It’s very important not to overload the eye area with eye cream.  Simply dot a little eye cream around the contours of the eye area underneath and above and lightly massage it into the skin.  Never drag or pull the skin as it is so delicate you could over stretch it making it look baggy.

Other good tips include using a cold compress or take a cucumber from the fridge and slice two pieces, place over the eye area for a few minutes.  This will instantly lift and refresh tired, dark looking eyes.

We would usually suggest you don’t drink coffee but actually a little caffeine can work wonders!  Caffeine is a diuretic and it is believed it might help in removing excess fluid from the under eye area.  It also shrinks the blood vessels which is necessary if blood is gathering underneath the eye, therefore causing the area to appear dark, so have a strong cup of coffee but just the one!

Concealing Bags and Shadows

The best way to conceal bags and shadows is by using a little make-up.  Too much make up will draw attention to the area so rather like eye-cream, don’t overload.  Once you have applied your eye-cream and your base make up, use a concealer brush and dot a little cover-up make-up around the area. 

Using light, sweeping motions, blend the concealer in.  Finish with a little translucent powder.  Use a concealer that matches your skin tone, the best way to find out what colour you need is to go to a reputable make-up counter and get a professional to advise. 

Beautiful make up is another way to detract from shadows and bags, use a great mascara to elongate lashes and choose an eye-shadow to open up eyes rather than close them.

Dark make up on your eye-lid will make you look tired if you have dark circles too so opt for something light and fresh.  Another make up trick is white eye liner on the inner rim of your eye, this instantly brightens up eyes making them look fresher and giving you a wide-awake look.

Taking some time to correct your dark circles and puffiness will do wonders for how you look and feel. Understanding the causes and how to treat them will help you to look younger and fresher. 

Naturology is the safest skincare you can buy and will help you pave the way to fresher looking, youthful eyes.


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