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Fill Up On The Facts About Derma Fillers


If you have been following the Naturology blog you will know that we have already discussed some of the dangers of Botox and Derma Fillers.  Over the past few months there has been plenty more negative press coming to light surrounding these controversial methods of retaining a youthful face and it’s not very comforting reading.  Unfortunately, because the cosmetic enhancement industry is growing at a rapid speed, it is becoming harder and harder to regulate it properly and because the UK is becoming a nation addicted to the fountain of youth many of you are turning to these unnatural procedures and are ignoring the warnings. Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look young and beautiful but with the enormous amount of unlicensed practitioners combined with dangerous injectables people striving to preserve their faces are doing terrible and often irreversible damage to their faces. 

There are plenty of other ways to halt aging, there is no need to resort to needles and potentially put your looks in danger.  At Naturology we want to remind everyone how remarkable natural skincare is in treating fine lines and wrinkles.  We would never advocate facial injections and would say avoid them like the plague because they run the risk of facial deformity not to mention possibly triggering major illnesses.

You should also know that some Derma Fillers are not approved by the regulators.  Side effects include swelling, bruising, lumpiness and discolouration. Not only are these side effects unattractive to look at but they ruin confidence and many (swelling, lumpiness and discolouration) take months and months to disappear.  Not only that, but there are many people passing themselves off as specialists in fillers but they have had barely any training.  The results can be catastrophic with reports and images of lopsided faces, swollen in some areas, with grotesque mouths, lips and cheekbones.  This is because of a number of reasons; unlicensed practitioners, poor quality fillers, unregulated products and misuse.

Those side effects mentioned are mild compared with some of the stories we have heard! One lady used Juvederm Ultra in her cheeks and in the lines travelling between the side of her nose and the corners of her mouth.  She also used it to plump out her lips to give her a more defined, fuller shape.  Within a few hours she suffered a relentless burning sensation in her cheeks and the folds around her mouth, this was followed by severe nausea and blurred vision.  Unfortunately these symptoms did not settle down for many months and she was haunted by regular feelings of burning around the forehead area, headaches and a fuzzy, foggy sensation. It completely destroyed her confidence.

Further research shows other side effects following injectable fillers.  These include vomiting, diarrhoea, migraines, memory loss, weight loss, weakness and breathlessness.  We’ve even seen evidence of hair loss and psoriasis.

If you are seriously considering Derma Fillers to plump up your skin, before you try any our best advice would be to consider an alternative option at least for a few months.  The Naturology anti-aging range is amazing and clinically proven to work. Enriched with vitamins and minerals derived from plants, herbs and fruit, every ingredient is carefully selected because of its anti-aging properties. 

The collection consists of Age Reform Night Cream, Stem Cell Active Youth Moisturiser, Age Defying Vitamin C Serum and Pro Age Eye Gel.

Pro Age Eye Gel

This firms and plumps skin, toning baggy areas and reducing crow’s feet.  It contains marine collagen, argireline which mimics Botox without the injection and Argan oil which is rich in antioxidant Vitamin E.

Age Defying Vitamin C Serum

This restores elasticity, evens out fine lines and unwrinkles skin.  It is full of Vitamin C, Acai and hyaluronic acid, this combination firms, plumps, tones and restores a youthful looking skin. 

Age Reform Night Cream

While you sleep this night cream works hard to restore your complexion, decreases lines, calms skin and plumps and hydrates for incredible radiance when you wake.  Ingredients include antioxidant Vitamin C, argireline, and hyaluronic acid and apricot oil.  This cream is excellent for older skins.

Stem Cell Active Youth Moisturiser

This is clinically proven to firm, tone and smooth skin, increase elasticity and reduce fine lines.  It is brimming over with natural ingredients including Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and hibiscus (great for cell turnover).

So please, think twice before you invest your money in your best feature.  Sometimes it is best to be safe rather than sorry.

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  • Mark Wallace