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Still Haunted By Spots?


You’ve tried everything.  You’ve religiously cleansed, toned and moisturised your skin daily for years.  You’ve been reading our Naturology blog too especially those related to adult acne and you’ve even started to use some of our products such as the glorious Pro-Active Eye Gel, the amazing Stem Cell Youth Active Moisturiser and the incredible Age Defying Vitamin C Serum but still there is evidence of spots appearing occasionally or regularly on what should be your blemish-free skin.  It’s time to look more closely at other reasons as to why you’re still getting those nasty spots.  Let’s face it, they usually rear their ugly heads (pardon the pun) just before you have a big, important event.  Let’s get rid of them forever and certainly before the festive period begins!

Firstly, if you’ve started using our skincare products then you are on the right road to a clean, fresh and dewy looking complexion.  Natural products are always the best possible thing you can use to ensure fresh faced beauty and that’s what we are all about – natural goodness.  We only put into our products what nature intended, that means extracts from fruit, herbs and plants.  We use those sublime essential oils that are literally packed full of yummy antioxidants to fight nasty free radicals and keep skin protected, refreshed, rejuvenated and youthful and spot free!  If you’re not under any stress, not pregnant or going through hormonal changes then there may be other reasons why your skin isn’t clear.  Let’s have a think about what they might be and why your pores are still getting clogged.

Think about the objects you put near your face and ask yourself how clean they are.  All of us spend hours on the telephone, whether it’s using a mobile or a regular old-fashioned house phone.  Imagine how you cradle it between your ear and your shoulder with the mouth piece area touching your skin.  Yes, that could well be the reason you are getting spots on the side of your face and your chin because your phone is dirty and harbouring bacteria.  It’s time to get out the anti-bacterial spray and give it a good clean!  Remember to wipe it every day and hopefully the bacteria that builds up on it won’t transfer to your face and cause an unsightly bump, better still, go hands-free!

When was the last time you changed or washed your make up brushes?  If you use sponges to apply foundation or a brush then repeatedly using the same brush will cause a build-up of bacteria and dirt.  You are rubbing this straight back onto your skin and usually just after you’ve cleansed it too.  Clean your make-up brushes regularly, at least once a week.  Soak them in a gentle shampoo, rub the brush ends with your finger tips to loosen dirt and rinse them thoroughly, then allow to dry.  You should use a clean sponge everyday – failing that wash your hands and apply foundation with your clean fingertips.

We know you change your bedding regularly but if you are still getting spots then it’s worth changing your pillowcase nightly.  That way you are laying on clean and fresh cotton (or silk or whatever you prefer) rather than placing your face onto something dirty.  Most of us change our linen once a week – by night 6 you’ve been laying on the same linen for 7 or 8 hours a night, breathing onto it and sometimes, dare we say it, dribbling too – yuck!

The same applies to face towels and flannels.  It’s best to change them daily especially if you are spot prone.  Clean, fresh towels mean keeping your face clean and fresh too – rather than using something which is a hotbed of bacteria waiting to climb into your skin.

Wash your hair every other day if it is long.  Picture this, bending your head over a computer or a good book means your hair hangs over your face often sweeping the sides of it.  If your hair is dirty or prone to becoming greasy quickly, think about what is transferring onto your skin, clogging pores and causing blackheads or breakouts.  If you prefer to wash it less regularly tie it back and prevent spots.

Many people touch their faces without realising it which is why it is important to regularly wash your hands.  If you have a spot (or some spots) don’t keep touching them.  You are effectively putting more dirt onto that area.  Leave it well alone, perhaps dab some tea tree oil directly onto the spot to dry it out or you can try a drop of lemon juice but let nature take its course, keep your skin clean and moisturised and your spot will disappear.  Finally, don’t forget to drink 2 litres of water a day because this cleans the skin from the inside out, flushing out impurities leaving skin hydrated and plump and zit-free.

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  • Mark Wallace