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When to Start Using Skincare

When to Start Using Skincare

Looking after your skin is something that should become part of your routine for life.  Why is it’s important to instil a good skincare regime - to reap the benefits later on!  At the age of 12 or 13 of course, ageing seems a million years away but genuinely looking after skin at an early age will make all the difference.  Even before adolescence, ensuring you (if you are embarking on your first skincare routine or your child if you’re reading this for your daughter) uses a sunscreen and stays out of the sun during the hours of 11 and 3.00pm will protect your skin from free radicals and from burning.  Burning breaks down your skin and results in sun damage that can never be reversed.  It’s this sun damage that leads to premature ageing so start young!

When Should I Start?

So when should you start looking after skin with skincare products?  Well, as soon as the onset of adolescence appears you should begin a routine.  Don’t forget that beauty comes from within too so make sure you are eating well, 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day plus plenty of green, leafy vegetables.  All of these fortify your body with essential vitamins and minerals and these vitamins and minerals are full of antioxidants which combat free radicals (those nasties caused by pollution, petrol fumes, industrial fumes, sun damage and smoking). 

Hydration is massively important too.  If you are mum reading this and you drink plenty of water your daughter will follow suite, likewise if you follow a good skincare routine it is highly likely she will adopt a routine for herself as well.  Children are shaped by what their influential adults do so you are key in this process!  So drink for your skin (mum or daughter!)

As soon as adolescence occurs and certainly when you start noticing excess oil or dry patches on your skin – it’s time to steps to start a skincare routine.  At Naturology we would strongly advise only using natural skincare products as these are the most beneficial to skins of all ages.  Young skins soak up goodness like sponges so take advantage of our natural skincare because it will keep skin fresh, dewy and control blemishes.  You especially want to avoid any harmful chemicals.  Parabens interfere with hormone production so this is an ingredient to be avoided at all costs.  Formaldehyde has cancer inducing properties – we don’t need to tell you to avoid this one!  Also avoid Sulphate and Phthalates as these cause dermatitis and keep away from Glycols as they are a chemical toxin.  These are even more reason to stay natural – additives and preservatives can have long term effects.  Always read the label!

What’s a Good Skincare Routine?

Start by assessing skin-type.  If it is oily it will have a light sheen to it and it will be prone to blackheads, white heads and spots.  To see if it’s oily, lay a tissue on your face and blot it – see if anything comes off on the tissue.  If you see a T-Zone (oily patches on the forehead, nose and chin) it is combination skin – you might get spots in these areas too and some dry patches in other areas.  A dry complexion will have noticeable dryness in areas and a very sensitive skin might be prone to dermatitis or eczema.  This type of skin may need intervention by your GP if it has severe flare-ups.

Once you know what type of skin you have, it’s time to get the skincare to complement it.  You should never, ever wash your face with soap as this is extremely drying and strips the skin of natural oils.  Wake up and cleanse her skin using a gentle Naturology cleanser.  If you have an oily skin it is wise to use a toner as well as this penetrates deep into the pores to tighten them and remove traces of oil.  However it isn’t recommended for dry skins as it can dry skin out further.  Combination skins should use it sparingly on oily sections.  Then use a good quality sunscreen to protect from UV rays (this should go under moisturiser).  Oily skins should use an oil-free sunscreen suitable for the face.

You should always moisturise because this is the key to keeping skin hydrated. Contrary to popular belief, even oily skins need moisturiser but don’t over-moisturise!  Just small amounts on the pad of forefingers is enough and massage the moisturiser into skin using upward strokes (this keeps skin nice and firm although young skins are naturally nice and firm but it’s good to get into a rhythm when you’re young!)

Serums aren’t important for young skins or eye creams unless you suffer with dark circles in which case an eye cream helps to alleviate this problem.

The same routine should be used at night time before bed but perhaps use the Naturology moisturiser rather than a rich night cream which is too heavy for a very young skin.

Once you or your daughter is in a routine, looking after skin becomes second nature – much like the Naturology brand!


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