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The Secret to Getting Rid of Lip Linest

The Secret to Getting Rid of Lip Linest

There are lots of reasons why you might develop lip lines on your upper and lower lips. If you haven’t got them yet, it’s important to prevent them developing. If you’ve been blessed with full lips and you’re starting to see them thin out as you get older it’s especially upsetting to notice lines where there used to be smooth, wrinkle-free skin. 

The truth is creases around the lip area can occur from age 25 upward depending on your lifestyle and how you express yourself.  Some people have exceptionally expressive faces and pout, stick out their bottom lips and purse their lips without realising it!  If that’s you, then it’s just the way you are and even if you are very aware of it, you will find it hard to change the way you express yourself after doing it for so many years. 

Smoking pays a huge part in lip-line development.  Think about it – puffing on a cigarette means pouting your lips very regularly and if you’re a very frequent smoker the chances are your lines are extremely obvious now.  You know the best advice is to quit the nasty habit.  It makes complete sense, not only does smoking age your lips (not to mention your face and the damage it’s doing inside your body) but it increases your skin age by at least 10 years.  The best thing you can do is stub it out and spend the money on good quality natural skincare such as our Naturology range. 

The lines on your lips are mainly vertical and can even stretch as far as the nasal folds.  If you already have these in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s it’s time to take action because as you age, they will get deeper as skin loses its collagen.  The lines will then become wrinkles and the deeper they are the harder it is to disguise them.  You may notice even putting lipstick on won’t help because lipstick tends to bleed into the lines above your lips, making wrinkles more noticeable.  While lip-liner helps to an extent, it doesn’t stop the lipstick eventually bleeding into lips.

Some of you will be tempted by derma fillers, think of what you are considering putting into your skin!  Don’t do it - injecting substances could be dangerous in the long term plus it is costly and needs plenty of upkeep.  There’s also the risk that your lips could end up over inflated or misshapen (oh so many celebrities spring to mind!) not an attractive look by any stretch (pardon the pun!).  To help diminish and even banish lip lines it’s best to invest in a good quality anti-aging cream as these often reverse and slow down the line development process.  Serums help too as they penetrate deep into the skin and boost collagen production, improve elasticity and nourish dehydrated skin.  The ingredients you should look for when choosing a cream to help get rid of lip lines include:

  • Natural vitamin E because this gets rid of nasty free radicals which break down skin and gives you lines
  • Hyaluronic acid which plumps up the skin
  • Acai B Goji Berry to tighten and restore skin

Do you know how to apply cream and serum to your Lips?

  • Massage the top and bottom lip gently with serum and use something with vitamin E. We recommend Naturology Age-Defying Vitamin C serum (which contains Acai B Goji Berry Extracts as well as Hyaluronic Acid)
  • Once you have applied serum, gently massage anti-aging moisturising cream for ultimate effect. Without doubt our Stem Cell Active Youth Moisturiser will boost your lips, improving elasticity and smooth out fine lines plus it is 94% natural with ingredients including Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C – you will see the difference!

Keep Lips Fit!

We’re not talking an aerobics class or Pilates (although both help the body!) but exercise for the lips!  There is one great exercise which is very effective in boosting lips (just maybe do it in private!).  Form an O shape using your mouth and hold it for 30 seconds, do this four or five times a day and see the difference in a few weeks.


Getting a regular facial will help your whole face appear fresher, younger and helps plump the skin.  Facials using good quality skin products nourish the skin and rehydrate, filling out lines.  Be careful to ask what products your facialist is using because it’s really important to choose chemical free products.  Take Naturology’s products with you so you know you are only putting goodness into your skin.  Skincare must always be phthalate, paraben and sulphate free to get true benefit.

Finally here are a few more tips to preventing further line damage around the lip area:

  • Use sunscreen on your lips when sunbathing as the sun dehydrates and ages skin
  • Drink water, lots of it! 2 litres a day plumps out skin including round the mouth
  • Use good old Vaseline to sooth dryness on the lips, if your lips look soft and hydrated it draws attention away from lines above the lips
  • Don’t put too much foundation on areas with lines and wrinkles, the make-up seeps into lines making them more noticeable. Mineral make up is best as it sits on the skin rather than sinking into it.  Matt make up highlights dry skin so choose something with a light sheen to help it look dewy and fresh.

There you have it – you’re now on the right pathway to Naturology lips! Yes - using Naturology natural skincare will help finally get rid of nasty lip lines and give you younger, fuller lips, lips that are kissable and noticeably beautiful.


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  • Mark Wallace