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Top Lies Big Beauty Companies Are Telling You

Top Lies Big Beauty Companies Are Telling You

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Surely big brands always tell the truth?  Well you would think so wouldn’t you but actually, they tell a few fibs and furthermore….these fibs are often big, fat, out and out lies!  At Naturology, we wouldn’t lie to you (seeing as our natural skincare is just that, natural up to 98% in some cases) but big brands do…often!  So what are the big lies those huge, respected, trusted names tell you?  Here’s what we have to say on the matter…

They say their product is better than anyone else’s!

Based on what?  Where’s the proof?  While beauty companies claim to be producing the BEST moisturiser or BEST anti-ageing treatment….how do they know and what do they use to substantiate their claims?  Why would a Clarins product for example, be better than an Elizabeth Arden product?  Unless the research and evidence is written in black and white and signed, sealed and delivered by a top company representative – this is not based on fact and rather based on supposition.

They have a magical new ingredient with some new-fangled name which will improve your looks no end…

There are no magic ingredients – it’s the mixture that counts rather than a single product.  The new ingredient is just a new name or a new combination of ingredients that has more than likely been used before.  The only difference is a new label on your updated moisturiser.  The new-fangled ingredient or mix of ingredients is just a buzzword or flowery name invented by the company in question.

Their product is EXCLUSIVE!

Not true, unless their product is documented with a patent stating this as fact, the skincare brand is using just the same technology as other beauty industry companies perhaps with a different combination or using one of their made up names (the name is exclusive!) 

Their product is all-natural

It isn’t.  You can’t have an all-natural skincare product because, like food, it would go off in a matter of days not to mention smell and change colour.  Even the most natural skincare product has some form of preservative to make sure it lasts a while before spoiling.  Preservatives by nature are not natural and even if they are partly natural, the formula will have some chemical ingredients in it.  This may or may not need to be declared on the label depending on the amount involved in the ingredient.  The important thing here is to understand whether any chemical used, even in small quantities, is safe for skin.  A company like Naturology will always tell you what’s in its skincare – it’s about trust.  Trust your skincare brand. 

Products claiming to be hypoallergenic are safer to use

Do you know what hypoallergenic means?  It sounds grand – gives off the vibe that it must be good for allergy sufferers but actually it means nothing at all, no medical meaning whatsoever and the claim is completely unregulated.  Any company can say their product is hypoallergenic – it’s a modern day myth, so your hypoallergenic moisturiser won’t stop you being allergic to it if you suffer with allergies.  You don’t need to suffer allergies to have sensitive skin or react from a product; products can have ingredients that may irritate skin without being allergenic so don’t believe the hype!

The More expensive a product the better it is

This is complete rubbish!  Many of the large skincare brands make for supermarket or own-brands in their factories.  These products are often very similar to their leading expensive products, the differences perhaps being an ingredient here or there, a colouring, fragrance (remember this is chemical), ingredient quantity and smarter, better looking more expensive packaging.  Remember, more often than not you are paying for the brand name rather than what’s in the box.

If you use our skincare you will look like our model

However, what the big beauty company with their stunning looking model hasn’t told you is how airbrushed she is!  See that 25 year old woman in their moisturiser campaign?  Why her skin is flawless!  She doesn’t have a spot let alone an open pore – well, she doesn’t look like that really, she’s just been subject to good old Photoshop.  See that 60 year old mature model?  She has fabulous white hair and some feint crow’s feet at the corner of her eyes as she laughs and shows her perfect white (veneers) teeth – oh and she also has no wrinkles!  Wow their product must be great!  Wrong again – she’s been completely airbrushed.  No product will banish a 60 year old’s wrinkles unless it’s invasive but a good quality, natural skincare product such as Naturology will help to plump up skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines….

So there you have the biggest lies skincare companies tell you.  What we can promise at Naturology is we will never lie to you.  We only tell you the truth, about what our products will do for you (rigorously tested on humans, not animals), how natural our products are (up to 98%) and we are open about all our ingredients. This is why we are loved by all the natural women who use our products!  Will you be the next Naturology convert?

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