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Dying For Beautiful Skin?

Dying For Beautiful Skin?

Dying for Beautiful Skin

Would You Die For Beautiful Skin?

Surely we’re asking a silly question because the answer is of course you wouldn’t!  Although the frightening reality is, actually – you could be dying for beautiful skin. 

What you’re putting on your face could be so dangerous that it could lead to a serious, fatal disease. 

Are you shocked?  Well you should be because like every other consumer you rely on and trust big brand names to warn you if they are using something potentially dangerous, in fact, you don’t even expect them to use anything dangerous, ever! 

Please don’t be fooled, they don’t have to tell you what’s in their products and furthermore they don’t tell you exactly what you’re using.   It’s ironic – billions upon billions of pounds is spent on research trying to protect us from deadly diseases and researching cures to fatal illness yet more billions of pounds are ploughed into the beauty industry where using deadly toxins and dangerous chemicals is par for the course. 

Take it from us at Naturology – we know the only good stuff to put onto your skin is ours or other as natural as can be products, free from any dangers and (almost) completely natural.  No other big brand can claim that.


Go on - take a look at your tub of moisturiser or your tube of eye cream, look at your body wash or your shampoo, read the ingredients. 

Do you even understand them? 

Many of them are masked with words such as “hypo-allergenic”  which doesn’t mean suitable for a sensitive skin as you would think, it just means it’s a gentler ingredient but if you’re prone to dermatitis and other skin reactions don’t wonder why your skin is inflamed using your new hypo-allergenic product – because now you know. 

Another mask is “parfum” and used by fragrance manufacturers to hide their formula – they don’t have to disclose their ingredients for fear of competitors so no-one except their scientists know what’s in their concoctions!

Yes skincare companies really don’t tell you what’s going on and unfortunately, diseases such as cancer are not taken as seriously as they should.

It’s not just your skincare either. 

If you want those needle injections think twice, think three times and keep thinking about not doing it because Botox is a deadly toxin.  It is botulinum. 

Do you know what that is?  Well, botulinum is so toxic that if you swallowed it you would die and according to the Daily Mail, 2 kilograms would kill every person on the planet.  Have you digested that? 

However – millions use it to inject into their faces.  We don’t know what the results will be in 10, 20 or 50 years’ time but this is poison!  It causes respiratory failure, destroys the proteins in the nerves stopping the nerves and muscles talking to each other. 

Now take a look at your eye care, check your eye makeup because it’s possible it contains coal tar which is cancerous.  You would identify it by its scientific name, P-phenylenediamine which possibly has a number attached to it too. 

This is a coal tar dye and is a human carcinogen.  It is normally combined with aluminium which has compounds which are toxic to the brain.  Used as a dye, it is also found in lipsticks which is very close to your mouth obviously so can be ingested by saliva too. 

Often found in moisturisers, watch out for DEA which is diethanolamine.  It causes irritation and exposure to large amounts causes liver cancer and changes to the skin and thyroid with precancerous cells forming.  It is classed by the EU as dangerous if exposed for too long and is a human carcinogen but is still used in moisturising products.

Of course, then there are Parabens, which are used in up to 90% of cosmetics and body care products as well as fragrances. Parabens get right into the skin and have been proven to interfere with the reproductive system as they mimic female hormones and furthermore have been found in breast cancer tissue, this more than strongly suggests there is a link between cancer and cosmetics. 

When you apply a product with Parabens to your skin it bypasses the metabolic process and gets straight into the blood. 

Women are exposed to 50mg of Parabens a day!  Please check the label.

Something you probably thought was fine to use every day and even on children is good old petroleum jelly and it is found in plenty of skincare especially moisturisers.  However, it is by no means safe. 

It is a mineral oil jelly and is used to lock moisture into skin but due to studies over many years it is now believed to be associated with cancer (as well as skin allergies) and the EU now classifies petrolatum (its other name) as a carcinogen. 

Another dangerous ingredient is Triclosan which is used in anti-bacterial cleansers.  It is an endocrine disruptor and frankly it is used in household products, bin liners, toys, toilet fittings and more so why would you use it on your skin?  It gets right into the dermis and interferes with hormone function.  Irritating to skin and eyes it can build up and the long term effects can be extremely harmful.

So you see you can die from skincare! 

The amounts of toxic product build up and we don’t yet know the full effects but we are becoming more aware of the potential disruption to health that many ingredients cause.  It is always better to use natural skincare, choose products which only contain all-natural ingredients. 

It’s true that it is not possible to use 100% natural skincare (unless you make your own) because it needs to have a form of preservative inside or it will degrade very quickly, it is possible to use up to 98% natural skincare. 

We know because that’s what we at Naturology make – skincare which is designed to genuinely look after your welfare and your skin, deliver the results you want without harmful, toxic ingredients and most of all provide healthy, happy and glowing skin. Give yourself peace of mind, give yourself Naturology.

That's enough of the doom and gloom, if you've read this far we applaud you...

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