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How to Have Younger Looking Skin Using Facial Exercises

How to Have Younger Looking Skin Using Facial Exercises

At Naturology, our ethos is all things natural and that includes a good, vitamin rich diet and of course daily exercise!  Feeding and fuelling your body with goodness from food and skincare as well as keeping limbs and muscles strong will fend off all the factors that attack the skin and body, ageing it prematurely.  Exercise is something that almost everyone can do right up to old age.  It doesn’t only help your body to look great - it keeps you feeling youthful and energetic.  Your body is layered with muscle as you already know and so is your face so it makes sense to include an exercise regime along with your Naturology skincare regime. 

It genuinely takes more muscles to frown than to smile (despite the saying!) but your smile muscles are stronger as you smile more (thankfully) so you do know there are muscles in your face!  Here’s an interesting fact for you, there are 10 muscle groups in your face and your scalp – these muscles are incredible because they allow you to change your face into a huge amount of different facial expressions.  Of course, you have our own set of facial expressions (as we all do) and you repeat them daily, hundreds of times!  This wear and tear causes lines and wrinkles so you should tone up your face! 

Try our suggestions for facial exercises and see how your muscle tone improves – skin sagginess is minimised and before you know it, you’ve shaved off a few years!  These exercises help to strengthen facial muscles but they also help to circulate the blood and relieve tension if you have any.  It takes just 10 minutes a day and you don’t have to over exert either – do it in front of your favourite TV programme if you like! 

Warm Up

Firstly it’s important to warm up (as it is when you exercise any part of your body,  Start with your neck and sit straight, Move your head forward and back three times and remember to breathe as you do this. Then look straight ahead and gently move your head to your right shoulder and back to your left shoulder.  Repeat this exercise three times.

Again re-position your head so you are looking in front of you and lower your right ear onto your right shoulder.  Repeat the same exercise onto your left shoulder; do this three times each side. 

The Exercises

  • To minimise frown lines and wrinkles on your forehead, raise your eyebrows as high as possible and hold them for a few seconds. Repeat this three times
  • To reduce fine lines at the side of your eyes, open your eyes as widely as you can and relax – repeat this three times
  • To help with wrinkles at the side of your mouth, open your mouth as wide as it can go and relax – repeat this three times
  • Push your tongue out of your mouth and stretch it as far as it goes, hold this for 30 seconds and repeat three times
  • Now stretch your neck gently by looking upward, hold for a few seconds and relax. Repeat this three times, this helps your chin and neck firm up
  • Pucker your lips and hold this for a few seconds then relax, repeat this exercise three times – this is good for lines on your lips
  • Form an “O” shape with your mouth (your moth should be slightly open, never firmly closed) hold this for a few seconds and then repeat.
  • Hold your teeth together and smile! Hold this for a few seconds, then relax and repeat three times
  • To help sagging cheeks, Place your fingers gently on your right cheek and draw your cheekbone upward, hold for a few seconds and then release. Repeat this three times and then do the same exercise on your left cheek
  • Hold three fingers underneath your chin and tap gently for 10 seconds. Relax and then repeat three times, this helps firm up a droopy chin

These exercises coupled with our anti-ageing skincare will help you retain your youthful good looks – see how many compliments you’ll receive in just one month of exercise and natural skincare.

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  • Mark Wallace