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Do You Need Cleanser and Toner?


“Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise” – this is the skincare mantra we’ve been indoctrinated with for many, many years and comes from the big skincare brands of the 1970’s.  We all know we definitely need to clean our skin and apply moisturiser but there is some confusion regarding toner.  We get many people asking us whether this product is important in a cleansing routine.  The answer is simple – YES it is important for most skins but not all (such as extremely dry) however most skins get the benefits from toner as long as it’s a good quality product.  It’s about knowing whether your skin is a suitable candidate.  It could be that you’ve been toning your skin for as long as you’ve known about it and it’s now a habit – hopefully this article will give you confidence that you do or don’t need it anymore or confirm if you are or are not using the right product!

What is Toner?

Toning is part of a skincare routine and it was originally designed to ensure the skin was left beautifully clean – after cleansing!  Sounds confusing?  Well it isn’t really.  Toner gets deep into the pores to remove the dirt cleanser can’t reach and it closes the pores giving skin a luminescent finish (this doesn’t last that long). It is designed to bring skin back to its natural PH level.  Some people think toner dries skin out and some toners do (it depends on the one you’re using) but actually it should leave your skin ready for moisturiser.   If you are a regular toner user you will note the feeling of freshness as your skin pores close but beware if there’s often a strong almost alcohol-like smell attached to it, this is because the toner you’ve selected is alcohol based rather than water based.  This is not good for your skin and will dry it out so it’s important to choose something as natural as possible. 

What Toner Should I be looking for?

When buying a toner find one that is water based or using floral water (no alcohol!)  You could also use something which has Hydrosol as an ingredient.  This is distilled water which is left after an essential oil has been distilled.  Floral waters are excellent too as they have healing benefits.  Finally, look for essential oils which are designed especially for skin toning and will calm and freshen skin. Here are a few to look for:

  • Frankincense
  • Lavender
  • Thyme
  • Rose
  • Geranium

How Do I know if I have the right toner for me?

Well – if your skin feels dry or tight after using then what you are using is the wrong type of toner for you.  Your skin should feel nice and fresh but not uncomfortable. 

Ingredients you don’t want to find in your toner!

If your toner does leave your skin dry or feeling uncomfortable then check the ingredients label and if you find Parabens or alcohol then you need to bin that bottle and try something from an all-natural skincare brand.  At Naturology, we have a water based toner which uses floral ingredients and essential oils so it keeps skin fresh and clean but locks in moisture rather than drying skin out.  Even if you have an oily skin, some of the toners on the market are harsh and can dry out your skin leading to fine lines and wrinkles (spots will get through too but more likely stay beneath the skin causing uncomfortable lumps).  Many toners contain Parabens these cause allergic skin reactions and there have been many reports to say Parabens interfere with hormone production.  Alcohol also causes skin reactions such as dermatitis, rosacea and even acne breakouts.  So if you have a problem skin, check your toner it might be the root cause.


The truth is, many toners are an expensive blend of alcohol, Parabens, preservatives and even acids.  These ingredients are harmful and wreck your skin’s natural balance leading to severe dryness, flaky skin and acne.  Dry skin closes up pores which encourages bacteria under the skin – this leads to spots.

Reading this you might think toners are a waste of money but actually this isn’t true.  It’s about finding a quality toner.  You need skin calming ingredients such as aloe vera and other essential plant oils.  A great toner helps to exfoliate dead skin and leaves a bright complexion.  Our toners contain antioxidants which are good for skin and promise to reveal a glowing complexion.  Our toners are also suitable for all skin types so won’t dry out the skin unnecessarily and will keep skin hydrated.  So don’t bin the toner unless it’s natural and is doing your skin a good service.  If you think you need a change – try a Naturology toner and see the difference.



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  • Mark Wallace