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Celebrity Botox Blunders

Celebrity Botox Blunders

Following on from our previous article, Botox, The Ugly Truth we thought we should guarantee to put you off any notions of using nasty needles and invasive injections by listing a few of the Botox blunders many celebrities of today have endured.  These blunders are all thanks to the harmful toxin, Botox not to mention all the fillers on the market too. 

Obviously, injecting botulism into your face can’t be a wise idea – to date, we still don’t understand the full effects of these substances. However, already we know that it can cause disruption to the Central Nervous System (CNS), cause temporary paralysis, interfere with breathing, bring on headaches and using an unqualified or inexperienced practitioner can result in terrible mistakes which cannot be rectified overnight.  This means if you were subject to an untrained person using Botox or fillers and were unfortunate enough to end up with a lopsided smile or a dropped eye – everyone would automatically realise what you had done.  This would damage your confidence and make you want to hide yourself away until the effects wore off (effects can last up to two years in very severe cases).

Here are some terrible celebrity Botox and filler examples we’ve seen over the past few years, take note!

  • Lesley Ash and her Trout Pout                   

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Lesley Ash was one of the first celebrities to come under fire for her fishy looking lips.  Just one year prior to having collagen filler she looked radiantly beautiful with a wide, full, natural smile.  What possessed her to undergo needles to enhance it is incomprehensible.  Unfortunately filler takes longer than Botox to disperse so she was left with huge, fleshy lips for a very long time.  Lesley’s collagen injection left her looking like an over-exaggerated puppet and unfortunately lack of self-esteem was the deciding factor in Lesley deciding to undergo the cosmetic treatment.  Thankfully Lesley is now back to her normal looking self and is a lesson to anyone else considering fuller lips.  It’s better to use lip-liner and a bold lipstick rather than injections.  Don’t take the Lesley Ash risk!

  • Daryl Hannah is Unrecognisable                          

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Daryl made quite a SPLASH! with her plentiful plastic surgery, filler and Botox.  Unfortunately, she looks like she has overdone it somewhat and now has a very inexpressive face.   Her forehead doesn’t move and her mouth is far too filled up with collagen, her eyes small and lost beneath a heavy brow caused by over-injecting.  Today Daryl doesn’t resemble anything like she did 20 years ago. We are sure she finds it difficult to stop the treatment as she’s been having it for so many years. It has become hard for her to stop as she has become used to it. She probably fears what she might look like naturally.  However, elegant women of her age who haven’t had any needle treatments look far more sophisticated and less frozen.  We know what we prefer.

  • Jackie Stallone – A Parody                         

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Well who would have known, wasn’t Jackie beautiful all those years ago?  Unfortunately, vanity and over-use of injections has left her looking like a caricature of herself.  It’s such a shame because had she left well alone we’re sure today Jackie would look fabulous and classy.  Back in 2013, Jackie admitted she looked like a chipmunk but even though she herself was horrified at her reflection – she still can’t seem to shake cosmetic surgery.  Her downfall is the filler Juvaderm and despite suffering a huge heart attack in 2011 she still indulges, saying she has endured over 50 injections to achieve her look!  How can anyone think this woman looks good?

  • Lindsay Lohan Ages 20 Years                    

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Cosmetic enhancement is a devastating reality amongst the younger generation.  Lindsay’s wholesome good looks have given way to filler and a pillow face.  Her lips are grotesquely large for her face and she looks a shadow of her former self.  Unfortunately, the only way for young women who indulge is a downward spiral because now she’s started it seems she can’t stop pumping her face up.  We barely recognise her anymore.  Let’s remind you she is only 28 and started having cosmetic injections at just 24 years old.  It’s heart-breaking, had she used our very own Naturology Youth Stem Cell Moisturiser and the Age Defying Vitamin C Serum she would have had better results and filled her face with goodness rather than toxins.

  • Paris Hilton Denies Injecting!                     

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Paris Hilton, heir to the Hilton billions has dramatically changed her look with plastic surgery and injections.  Her lips surely don’t belong to her?  At such a tender age she seems frozen in time.  Paris still denies she’s had anything injected into her face or even has had a nose job but the changes in her appearance are dramatic over the past few years.  She’s just 34 and insists her dermatologist refuses to give her injections – we think her dermatologist is paid an awful lot of money to tell the world she hasn’t undergone any work because there’s no other way to inflate lips than using filler.


Hopefully our list of celebrities with what we consider bad cosmetic “enhancement” will deter you from ever considering facial injections.  Instead a good beauty regime with plenty of water will keep your skin younger for longer.  At Naturology our anti-ageing products include:

  • Age Defying Vitamin C Serum
  • Stem Cell Active Youth Moisturiser
  • Age Reform Night Cream

All are packed full of natural goodness to fight free radicals and replenish lost moisture.  They also include antioxidants to combat signs of ageing and natural skin plumping ingredients.  Isn’t it better to only go natural?  At least your results are guaranteed to be great!

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