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Banish Problem Skin

Banish Problem Skin

Argh – you’ve got a special occasion and it’s sod’s law but you’ve broken out in dreaded spots again!  This time has to be the last time – surely now you’ve reached adulthood bad skin should be a thing of the past?  Well, mostly it should be but adults can suffer acne right up to late 40’s and adolescents can start suffering with skin problems from as early as 11 right up to their 20’s.  In fact, some people have always had problem skin.  The question is, is there anything that can be done?  The answer is yes, there are various options.  At Naturology we are about natural skincare so we will focus on the natural remedies first.  There are other treatments out there for severe skin conditions but these are prescription drugs that your GP or skin specialist will recommend. However, before you go down the road of putting harsh prescriptions on your skin (which can and often do have side effects) try some of our suggestions first and see if we can’t help you banish problem skin.

  • Always, always, always cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin – every day, twice a day. Don’t be tempted to skip moisturiser because your skin will dry out and this leads to fine lines and eventually wrinkles.  Just ensure you are using a product that is kind to your skin, doesn’t strip it of its natural hydration and gently cleanses.  Using natural products ensures your skin is replenished well with all the goodness it needs, not to mention antioxidants which fight pollution and dirt (as well as other things) – these often block up pores which lead to spots. 


  • Never be tempted to go to bed with your make up on. This leads to blocked pores, dirt generating bacteria and you’ll wake up with spots or the beginnings of a breakout.  No matter how late it is take it off!


  • Never squeeze spots; they can leave scars if forced out. Do what you can to avoid the temptation – sit on your hands!  Instead, learn to conceal them well using good quality skin make-up. Visit a make-up counter and speak to the representative there to get a great colour match.  The representative on the counter will also know the best technique to disguise spots so ask them to show you how to do it yourself.


  • Don’t use harsh or abrasive skin products because they will dry out the surface layer of your skin. Drying out skin doesn’t stop oil production – rather the oil sits underneath the skin causing hard boils underneath.


  • Drink water – lots and lots of it! Water cleans the system, ridding the body of unwanted toxins and reveals hydrated, plump and fresh looking skin.  Make it your only drink and keep a bottle with you.  It’s recommended to drink 2 litres a day – try it for a week you’ll see the difference!


  • Avoid caffeine, it doesn’t do your skin any favours so try and limit yourself to one cup of coffee and one cup of tea a day if you can. You could replace it with hot water and lemon or a mint tea instead, so much healthier!


  • Don’t eat fatty foods. There is a link to certain ingredients and spots.  We’re not saying don’t eat chocolate, it’s not cocoa that gives you spots but many dairy products do encourage spots for example as do deep fried foods.  If you suspect you might be getting spots because of some food you eat – remove it from your diet for a few weeks to see if there is a difference.  It’s a simple process of elimination.


  • Sleep….getting at least 8 hours sleep a night will make a huge difference to your skin. Sleep enables skin to repair and give your body the chance to recuperate from the day, clearing it and replenishing it where it needs to.  When you have a good night sleep there’s no doubt you look brighter and fresher.  Sleep helps to reduce problem skin.  Schedule a few early nights and see how well you look after some zzz’s.


  • Only use natural skincare. Take care to look at the label of what you use because many skincare companies use harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates and sulphate.  Parabens especially interfere with hormone production and often the reason you have problem skin is down to hormones – you don’t want more interference!  Phthalates and sulphate are drying and can lead to skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and other allergies.  In fact some ingredients (formaldehyde for example) are so harmful they can cause cancer.  Go natural – check out our products because they are at least 94% natural and we tell you exactly what’s inside, no harmful chemicals only goodness.  Any artificial ingredients are tried, tested and approved so you get ALL the benefit.

If you still find you are getting spots after following all the above suggestions then it might be worth seeing your GP to find out what else you can do.  Take comfort that you are not alone and one day, your skin will stop getting spots and this will all be a distant memory.

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  • Mark Wallace