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Anti-Ageing Ingredients Your Skin Loves



It is definitely confusing selecting the right anti-ageing creams for your needs.  Your best bet is to look for natural ingredient skincare – obviously it’s important to pay attention to what the products you’re looking at contain.  This is to make sure you know exactly what it is you’re putting into your skin.  Take Naturology’s advice – we don’t call ourselves Naturology for nothing!  We believe in extracting the natural goodness from plants and fruit as well as other ingredients from the sea and using these in our skincare.  This is because they are full of super benefits to help skin retain its moisture, elasticity and glow as well as slowing down the ageing process.  The result is a younger looking, firmer, lustrous looking complexion that shouts good health!

So what do we use and why does your skin love it?  Well, firstly our products are at least 94% natural so you won’t find any nasty ingredients in our skincare.  That means we say NO to sulphate, NO to phthalates and NO to parabens….we don’t mess with your hormones, we want you to look more youthful the natural way!  

Here’s a guide to the ingredients you will find in our best-selling anti-ageing products and what they do to improve the overall look of your skin, we promise your skin will fall in love with all of these!

Vitamin C

This is a well-known antioxidant which slows down skin damage caused by external elements such as the sun or pollution for example.  These elements are grouped together and called “free radicals”.  They damage natural collagen which makes skin dry and less elastic so it sags.  This is when fine lines and wrinkles develop.  Of course, lines and wrinkles come from ageing too but Vitamin C helps to keep skin plump and healthy looking. 

The sun and pollution draw away Vitamin C from your skin so putting it back in is important.  It’s also excellent for fighting pigmentation which means no nasty looking age spots.    Look for products with at least 10% of Vitamin C as this is the amount needed to make it effective in protecting and preserving skin.  Sensitive skins may notice some tingling when using products with Vitamin C but it is not harmful – you should do a patch test first.

Hyaluronic Acid

This is essential in keeping skin plump and toned.  It helps your skin hold water which keeps you nicely hydrated.  Dry skin looks tired and drawn, sometimes pinched – this is often because you aren’t drinking enough water or using the right products to keep your skin hydrated.  Look for skincare with this ingredient in it and you’ll be going a long way to keep moisture locked in. 

Hyaluronic acid has so many benefits, it is a molecule which holds water (hence its great hydrating benefits) and we all have it inside us.   It cushions your nerves, joints and hydrates your hair and skin as well as keeping eyes moist.  You may hear this ingredient sometimes referred to as HA.  Additionally it’s another collagen stimulant and another great fighter against free radicals.  Products with Hyaluronic Acid in are designed to reduce wrinkles and lines – it’s often used in invasive injections so it has plenty of plumping and firming benefits when found in natural skincare too.

Acai Berry

This is a great ingredient especially if you’re looking for firming and tightening skin.  It’s super for adding hydration too.  Did you know Acai contains 100 vitamins and minerals (that’s not a typo!)? Plus if you suffer from occasional breakouts, Acai is excellent at fighting those pesky spots.  You see Acai Berry in natural food stores and it’s known as a super food.  Some of the Vitamins it includes are A, C and E all of which help in regenerating skin and it’s another antioxidant so fights free radicals (as mentioned earlier).  Finally it’s excellent for blood circulation so helps your skin look more radiant adding colour.

Goji Berry

Here’s another one of those superfoods everyone keeps telling you about!  Well the Goji berry is rich in Vitamin A and protects the skin against free radicals, yes it’s another antioxidant.  This particular berry has many anti-ageing benefits and improves amino acid levels inside your body so benefiting your skin. These amino acids increase growth hormone levels which are believed to replenish and nourish youthful looks in maturing skins. 


This is a Botox style treatment that we use in some of our products but you get the benefit without undergoing invasive injections.  It fights wrinkles without the needle by stimulating collagen and elastin production helping to plump out skin, at the same time slowing down the ageing process.

Apricot Oil

This penetrates deep into the skin to hydrate dry looking tired skin, it also contains vital Vitamins including A, C and E so skin is naturally moisturised without an oily finish.  As the oil sinks into your skin it moisturises it deep in the dermis keeping it plump, soft and locking in moisture.

So if you want to see if these ingredients really do what they say they do look no further than the Naturology anti-ageing skincare range.  Choose the Age Defying Vitamin C Serum, Pro Age Eye Gel, Stem Cell Active Youth Moisturiser and Age Reform Night Cream all of which are essential for a great looking, radiant youthful complexion. 


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  • Mark Wallace