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The Best Natural Solutions for Healthy Glowing Skin

The Best Natural Solutions for Healthy Glowing Skin

Every time you venture out to look for your perfect skin regime, you insult the ingredients sitting in your fridge or your kitchen cabinets, since they are more a capable of carrying out this task than anything you can find in the market. Natural masks and treatments have time and time again proven their worth, and yet we still ignore the goodness and run after big labels that make promises they can’t deliver.

This post will let out some secrets of the trade ladies, so grab a pen and a notepad, and start jotting down these miracle skin treatments made out of completely natural ingredients.

Lemony Clarity

You know what the secret for truly spotless skin is? Lemons! Lemon extracts are even used in the finest of all products for their benefits and they are the best natural ingredient for a clear and glowing complexion. Huge companies from the industry now host a range of skin products that contain lemon extracts only because they are so good, and no dermatologist can deny the natural benefits of using lemon juice as a skin lightener and cleanser. The high Vitamin C content of lemons gives them the ability to get rid of all dead skin cells, while reducing dark spots and rejuvenating the cell renewal. It can also bleach your skin to give you ac fairer complexion, so there is no harm that could come from using this recipe on your skin:

Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice on your neck and facial area and wash it off after ten minutes with lukewarm water. Use honey after washing it off to moisturize and soften the skin, and repeat every day till you start seeing visible results.

Turmeric Goodness

Ever heard of Asian brides bathing in turmeric only days before their wedding? Yes, that actually is ancient secret passed on from generation to generation, and Turmeric holds equal importance for women from all over the world. Turmeric is a great antiseptic and it lightens your skin that can reduce skin marks and scars visibly. This natural compound also has allergy alleviating properties for infectious skin problems and inflammatory disorders, which can make your skin become flaky and dull. The fix? Just carry out the following:

Mix One tablespoon of this naturally beneficial ingredient and add enough pineapple juice to make a thick paste. Apply the mixture on your face and neck and leave it on till it dries out. Then, wash it all away with lukewarm water and reveal the spotless and glowing skin underneath.

Aloe Vera – The Power Plant

Aloe Vera is regarded as one of those naturally growing, consumable foods that probably provide the widest spectrum of skincare benefits. It has very effective antibacterial properties which kill all kinds of bacteria that could possible cause a break out. Along with that; it can soothe irritated and blotchy skin, while also helping in reducing the marks of scars. This does not cover the whole story; the reason why Aloe Vera is used extensively in skincare products and makeup is the fact that it has very effective cleansing properties and helps promote new cell growth as well as acting as a great moisturizer. Want some of the goodness too? Follow this simple recipe:

The gel of the Aloe Vera leaf is what contains most of the goodies, so you will have to extract it first. Then, using a cotton ball; apply the gel all over your face and let it sit till it dries. This should take about half an hour, which is the standard required time for Aloe Vera gel to penetrate the skin completely. Follow this regime as many times in a week as you find suitable, and discover your naturally beautiful skin. In case you find all of this to be too much of a hassle; go to Naturology and find a reliable natural product for yourself in no time.

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