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Bad Habits that Make Summer Skin So Much Worse


Summers are in full swing, but you know what isn’t? Glowing and beautiful skin!

Heat can be harsh on your skin and summers are that time of the year when you need to be extra careful about what you consume, along with what you expose your skin to as well. Your skin can suffer majorly due to a toxin imbalance or too much sun exposure, and some especial care can go a long way on your journey to achieving optimal skin health. The following tips will help you survive the heat and still come out looking absolutely gorgeous.

Throw Away the Croissants, Mimosas and Espressos for Good

Your caffeine, alcohol and hi-fat intake defines how fresh you look the next day, and just like a hangover makes you look like ‘Cruella’ from 101 Dalmatians; too much of any of these substances can destroy the beautiful texture and tone of your skin. Too much salt, sugar, booze, caffeine, or too much of anything for that matter, can be harmful for your skin. Alcohol can strip your skin of all moisture and make it appear blotch and dull, while sugary foods have a very bad effect on the elasticity of your skin and the collagen is broken down. This means that the formation of wrinkles is expedited and your skin starts to lose its natural and healthy charm.


This doesn’t give a free pass to skin cleaning off your make up before sleeping every night, but it does tell you to lather up less often if your skin suffers from dryness. Cleansing too much will clean your face extensively, and strip your skin of its natural oils too along with the unneeded dirt. Try using a creamy or even an oil-based cleanser before sleeping so that your skin can develop and repair during the night without any hindrances. Cleaning your skin once every morning does the deed; so ladies, let’s not overdo it, shall we?

Gritty Exfoliates

When you are getting rid of dead skin cells, it should never hurt, and if you make that a thumb rule; you will never fall victim to a bad product ever again. A peel or scrub that hurts or stings your skin is a sign of a product that contains harmful chemicals, and they can leave your skin blotchy and irritated. Your skin’s hydrating oils are eliminated instantly by suing such products and with time, you will notice the texture of your skin becoming rough and flaky. Our Advice; toss ‘em out!

Breakout Blasting

This one’s a toughie, so we will try to explain the ‘lady’ way. Women are naïve creatures and tend to get worried at the first sign of trouble, and this psychological impulse translates into their skincare habits as well. Never over-treat, over-wash or over-touch any breakouts even when it seems like a bright idea, because the consequences will then become much worse. For breakouts; we always suggest using All Natural products such as the likes of Naturology so that no harmful chemicals can cause havoc further.

Insufficient Sleep

Okay, so we all know this already, but in case you didn’t pay attention in Health Class; here’s some more information to dig into. Having less than 7 hours of daily sleep will speed up the aging process and promote the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. You see how we look in the morning right after a long night of partying and staying up? Yeah, imagine looking like that for the rest of your life! That ought to put your skincare regime right on track.

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  • Mark Wallace