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Ingredients that Make Dry Skin Worse


Dry skin is one of the worst skin conditions you can get stuck with, since dryness expedites the aging process and promote the formation of wrinkle. Carrying out the tasks of the same skin care routine over and over excessively will never work in your skin’s favor when the atmospheric humidity levels take a dive. Without changing your regimen, dryness can start to occur and lead to wrinkles and fine lines, along with itching, flaking, cracking, and sometimes, even bleeding.

The best ingredients you can use to ward off signs of dryness and its effects are always more towards the natural side, and certain measures are taken when you shower and indulge in a relaxing regimen that soothes and moisturizes your skin.

Quick Showering Tips for Keeping Moisture Intact

You can take some measures to make sure that your showers or baths are as rejuvenating as you want them to be. The very first thing, as dermatologists suggest, should be that you make sure the bathroom door is closed (no brainer here) and then limit your time inside the bathroom to a maximum of ten minutes. Always make sure that you are using ‘warm’ water (not hot water), because it can strip you of all the moisture in your pores.

When cleansing, always try to use a cleanser that is gentle on your skin and fragrance-free, an d apply just enough of the cleanser to remove oil and dirt, but make sure that it’s not too much since it will start to lather. Afterwards, you will need to blot your skin with a towel to dry it and immediately slather on moisturizer.

Why Applying Moisturizer Immediately Afterwards is Important

Lotions, creams and ointments work by creating a moisture block that keeps moisture intact in your pores to prevent dryness, and in order to trap existing moisture you need to be prompt with your moisturizer application, especially after a warm shower that has stripped your skin of its natural essential oils. Applying moisturizer on your hands and your face right after showering or washing them ensure that the lost moisture balance is compensated for.

Stay Away from Lotions

Creams and ointments are less irritating and more effective for your skin than lotions ever will be. Look for an ointment or cream that contains Jojoba oil or Olive oil since they have very high moisturizing power. Shea butter is another great extract that works well in this case, and many other ingredients like mineral oils, lactic acids and glycerin can be helpful in fighting dryness effectively. Lotions, more often than not, contain fragrances that may contain alcohol, which will adversely affect your skin and strip it of its natural moisture balance.

Only Gentle Care

Many brands advertise as manufacturing bodies that are creating completely natural products, but you need to be very conscious of all the ingredients of any product, to make sure that it really doesn’t contain anything harmful. Always use products such as the likes of moisture control creams from Naturology, so that you know what you are making your skin consume.

Non-Irritating Fabric and Detergents

Excessively dry skin can become very irritating when it comes in contact with detergents or even clothes. Try staying away from any rough materials of fabric and opt for silk or cotton so that air can pass through the fabric and your skin doesn’t suffer from a rash. Hypoallergenic detergents are best for usage if you have excessively dry hands, since they are gentler and don’t cause irritations, but they can still promote dryness.

See a Dermatologist

Proper analysis of the health of your skin can help you determine the kind of products you need and how you can find them. Have your doctor give you a list of ingredients that you should always stay away from particularly, after he/ she has assessed your skin health. And ladies, for the love of God, stop with the stress! Nothing brings on the on-set of aging more than the bottled up stress we carry inside. So strip, and live a happy and footloose life, so that you can flaunt your beautiful and healthy skin wherever you go.

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  • Mark Wallace