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5 Best Natural ingredients to Use On Your Skin


The best advice we have ever received from a dermatologist about skin health is; if you can’t put it IN your body, don’t put it ON your body either. Your skin is the largest functional organ of your body and it protects you from a great many things. It can absorb many chemicals and substances so it is very crucial that you always opt for products with the least amount of chemical constitutions.

But what can a girl do when a so-called NATURAL product, gives completely UNNATURAL results?

Most industrial products, no matter how glorified through advertising, contain chemicals that can actually have very deteriorative effects on the health of your skin. The solution to our problem, ladies, is simple; we need to be more conscious of the ingredients of the products we use, OR take the higher road and choose completely natural substitutes for skin that reflects the purity and goodness of nature.

Let’s look at the most beneficial ingredients we can use on our skin and why:

Olive Oil

Misunderstood most everywhere. Olive oil isn’t exactly an oil. It is the juice extracted from olives that contains healthy fats that can be easily regulated within our systems and do not get stored. The best thing about olive oil is that it does not need any preservatives, and it can be consumed naturally to reap the health benefits.

Olive Oil has great anti-oxidative properties due to the high polyphenol and vitamin E content and this enables it to tone and protect our skin. It is commonly used as an active ingredient for a wide range of shampoos, soaps, cleansers, and cosmetics, and it can prevent aging, wrinkles, dryness, roughness and even clear out the stored sebum in your pores.


Okay, so who doesn’t love strawberries? All of us do; sometimes even more than we love men!

Strawberries are loaded with very beneficial antioxidants that can brighten our skin in a matter of minutes. They are also very helpful in removing dead skin cells and revealing a fresh and luscious layer of skin. If you use strawberries as a scrub, you can get a much clearer and youthful complexion and your face will always look as fresh as a beautiful morning!

Coconut Oil

There are a wide range of acids that coconut oil contains, along with proteins and vitamin E. It can help in the prevention of skin discolorations and keeps the entire connective tissue network strong. It is very useful when it comes to wrinkles or skin that has started to sag. It is also helpful in removing dead skin, just like strawberries.


Probably the best natural ingredient for skincare, yogurt contains a high amount of lactic acid. This gives it exfoliating and brightening properties like no other compound on earth, and it can fight a variety of problems like age spots, moles, blemishes and freckles to give you a clear complexion effectively.


This sweet thang’ has more benefits than you could count, and it would be unfair to not include honey as the most effective power ingredient that has miracle effects for your skin. Honey is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, ingredient that promotes glowing skin and a humectant as well. Used for centuries for its remarkable results; honey is very effective in helping acne, staph, boils, and help in healing of wounds.

We understand it’s hard for a girl to find all these products, or to create a home remedy for all her skin issues. This is why Naturology offers a wide range of exceptional quality products with completely natural ingredients. Check out the inventory on our website and find one that’s right for you.

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  • Mark Wallace