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8 Beauty Products You Should NEVER Use

8 Beauty Products You Should NEVER Use

Okay, so brace yourselves ladies, we have some very disturbing news; not to scare you out completely or anything, but most products we use today contain horrible chemicals that have very deteriorative effects on your skin on a long term basis. They could penetrate your blood stream and intoxicate your blood, causing much more serious internal issues than superficial ones.

If you are the slightly paranoid type, you will need to revamp your makeup drawer to make sure the following products don’t make their way into it.


You may have heard advice on how you can set your make up with the help of a hairspray, but hairsprays contain chemicals that should never even come close to your skin. It contains a lot of alcohols and lacquers that can be pretty hard on your skin and dry it out to make you look years older. Hairspray can also cause skin irritations since they contain a lot of repellants.


The fact that deodorants can keep the unpleasant smell away from your underarms does not mean that it should ever be used for your face. Always give your skin some room to breathe and deodorants can stop perspiration, which means they will be very bad when used over makeup to help it set. Trust us ladies; skin breakouts are much uglier than melting makeup.

Hair Dye

In case you color your locks regularly, and your brows always seem to make your new look come off as a BIG FAIL. Never use hair color for your eyebrows; instead, you can take help from a vegetable based color or tinted mascaras for coloring to avoid the strong dyeing chemicals from touching your facial skin.

The skin on your face is very sensitive, and it needs to stay protected to look good.


The substances that actively clean your hair are known as surfactants, and they are known to strip off the excess oil and dirt to leave your hair clean and dry. But if it is used on the skin, it can completely dry out all the natural oils and make your skin appear dull. It will also expedite the aging process, since iot is not designed to deal with something as fragile as skin. You don’t want to end up with flaky and dry skin that adds years to your face.

Hair Serum

Let’s get rid of a misconception first; hair serum is NOT facial serum, period. Serums contain a lot of fragrances that are never meant to touch your skin, and they contain ingredients that your skin usually cannot handle.

Body Lotion

They wouldn’t call it ‘body’ lotion for nothing don’t you think? You facial skin needs delicate moisture and body lotions are too thick in consistency for that. If you are worried about aging; body lotions should stay miles away from your face since they don’t provide any benefits but can cause irritations.

Foot Creams

Now why would a lady use a ‘foot’ cream on her ‘face’? Food for thought? May be.

This is a no-brainer, and foot creams are too rich and thick since they are designed for the strong skin tissues of your feet. The purpose they fulfill is that they break down calluses and exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells. The chemical compositions though, are very harmful recipes of disaster for your facial skin.


While DIY hair masks can use the hydrating power of mayonnaise, but definitively not your face! Mayonnaise contains a lot of acids and can clog your facial pores for excessive sebum buildup and huge blackhead. There are many home facial masks that can be tried out, or you could opt for a natural product from Naturology and be amazed at how good nature actually is.

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