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Face Mapping – How Healthy your Skin Really is

Face Mapping – How Healthy your Skin Really is

Face Mapping can easily be termed as a skin analysis procedure that can help us understand the causes of every spot or breakout on your skin. Often, the problems that our skin faces are due to what we eat, what we expose our skin to, and how healthy we are. Any problem that arises has a root-cause related to the human bodily system and may be telling you something very important about your health.

Let’s investigate the different zones and the problems in your system that may be causing the breakout in these zones specifically.

The Forehead

The occurrence or breakouts on your forehead generally indicates your gallbladder and liver issues. Ayurveda determines that the forehead is related digestive system and the nervous system. This means that stress and probably a substantial amount of internal stagnation are the source of your breakouts. You can counter these effects by reducing your intake of processed foods, and maybe trying relaxation techniques like Yoga.

Between the Eyebrows – Right & Left Side

When breakouts occur on the right side, between your eyebrows, it becomes apparent that you are dealing with stress and anger, or maybe even both and repressing those feelings to a certain organ. The right side means your liver is starting to suffer from the repressed anger and you need to take action. Understanding the Face Mapping procedure can help you counter the effects of stress on the relative organ, in this case, the liver. Your organs can be at serious risk if this problem is continuously ignored. On the other hand, a breakout or wrinkles forming along the left side edge of your eyebrow suggest that you’re holding your stressful feeling and repressing them in the spleen, instead of the liver.


Your eyes speak the most, and that couldn’t have been said better. If you have rather small irises, it could mean you may be suffering from joint problems, and if the irises are becoming increasingly white, it suggests that your joints have started to deteriorate. If your iris is spotty, it can mean that nutrients are not being properly absorbed in your intestines and you need some aid. If you start to notice the formation of a light ring around your iris, it indicates that you need to start cutting down on salt and sugar since it determines that you are overtaking both. If your eyes become yellowish, it may be an indication of a weak liver.

Below the Eyes

If your lower eyelids become swollen and puffy, it may be an indication of your impaired kidney functions. This can easily be countered by increasing your water intake as well as increasing the amount of spices in your food, which is very effective in rekindling your body’s natural fire.


If your cheeks suffer from discoloration or patchiness it might mean you have a poor metabolism and a low absorption rate of nutrients like iron and folic acid. Along with this, cheeks are also linked to the lung functioning so it is important to always pay close attention to the quality of your breathing.


According to Ayurveda, the cheeks and the nose are governed by the fire element, or the Pitta Dosha. Breakouts in this area indicate an internal mishap. Your nose is related to the circulatory system and all breakouts that occur here should be taken quite seriously. The best way to reduce this inflammation is to increase your intake of essential fatty acids and stay away from spices, coffee, or alcohol.

Lower Lips

The lower lip can help you determine whether your intestines are functioning well or aren’t. The formation of brown spots near your lower lip may mean that your body is going through an enzyme imbalance or restricted and poor enzyme functioning, as well as indigestion. There is also a possibility of the presence of parasitic organisms dwelling in your intestines.


Any internal disorders your body is suffering through undetected, will first show up on your tongue; that’s why doctors ask you to stick our tongue out during a check up as the first thing they do. If white residues are forming on your tongue, it may well be past the appropriate time for a detox since it is an indication of toxin buildup. Frothiness and abrasions on the sides of your tongue indicate your lungs are getting weaker, and a ridged and uneven outer layer of your tongue means you are not getting enough nutrients by absorption into the bloodstream. Increasing the usage of natural foods and avoiding processed ones can help in this regard.


Lastly, the chin is probably the area where your skin will break out the most since it is connected to problems with stress and hormonal imbalances. This is a particular problem faced by women specifically, during their menstrual cycles. Getting enough sleep and exercise along with other ways of reducing stress can help you collectively fix all the problems that may be the reason behind your skin breaking out.

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