Natural Beauty Is The Best Beauty!




So here’s the good news fellas you have 20-30% thicker skin than us women with greater levels of collagen and elastin, meaning your skin will stay naturally more hydrated with greater protection against UV rays, so ultimately you will age slower!



However, this does not mean you should rest on your laurels, the traditional male attitude toward skin care will do you no favours – gone are the days where soap and water is enough as a skincare regime, us girls have upped our game so you guys need to as well.



Here are a few common mistakes…






Male skin is naturally oiler than women’s due to your testosterone, so harshly scrubbing your face can trigger the production of more oil leading to ugly breakouts.




2. Ignoring suncream


Your skin may be thicker and may take longer to show the damaging effects of the suns harmful rays, but continuing to not use a strong SPF will dramatically age your skin as well as increase your risk of skin cancer!

3. Shaving


Now I’m not suggesting you don’t shave…just do it right! Shaving everyday can lead to ingrowing hairs, shaving rash and general irritation, with dry shaving causing the greatest level of sensitivity. To give your skin a fighting chance make sure you are using a good quality shaving cream and a nice clean sharp razor and an aftershave balm. Try Skin stuff 4 blokes Aftershave Balm 



I know blades are expensive, but theres no excuse for having the same one on for the last 6 months... You might be able to tolerate the shaving rash but your girlfriend won't be impressed if she's getting scratched to shreds        








4. Not washing your face before bed


You might not have a face of make up to take off but your skin has spent the day exposed to pollution and daily dirt and grime, cleansing your face before bed will help to get rid of the damaging free radicals your face is exposed to, to maintain a youthful appearance. 


5. Too tough to moisturise?


Everyone needs a little tenderness, you may have naturally more hydrated skin than women, but that’s no excuse not to give it a boost with moisturiser, as an added bonus you will find many have sun protection built in. Nourish and protect your skin twice a day for a fresh faced healthy glow.


5. Booze, fags & late nights


This little selection have a habit of going hand in hand, and whilst you maybe able to handle it now the reduction of blood circulation will show in sallow looking skin, increased fine lines and wrinkles, redness and irritation, and puffy tired looking eyes, not to mention the fag breath and beer belly!




Whilst an older looking man may be described as handsome and distinguished don’t think for a second that George Clooney debonair appearance comes without a little commitment to skincare regime and lifestyle.




So buck your ideas up now boys try Naturology for easy skincare.



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  • Chloe Wallace