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One Too Many? Combat your hangover face...

One Too Many? Combat your hangover face...
We all know the tell tale signs we had one to many the night before puffy tired looking eyes, sallow taut dehydrated skin, open pores and a dulled complexion…not to mention crazy hair and a banging headache. Whilst paracetamol may ease your head, your skin will still give you away, but it doesn’t have to.

Hangovers are predominately down to the dehydration we experience as a result of alcohol, so the way you go about your drinking is a good place to start to reduce the effects the next day:

  • Eat a healthy starchy meal before you start lining your stomach does really work!
  • Make sure you are hydrated before you start, drinking plenty of water through the day
  • Drink MORE water between your alcoholic beverages
  • Before bed drink EVEN MORE water (sounding like a stuck record now)
  • Fully remove make up and cleanse your face before bed with a natural cleanser such as Naturology’s Vitamin C Clarifying Cleanser, to clear pores and get rid of the dirt from the day. Sleeping in make up can increase your exposure to the free radicals which break down the collagen in our skin reducing elasticity.

Assuming your drinking session didn’t result in extreme facial tattooing (in which case we can’t help you) here are our top tips making you look human, even if you feel like a bag of spanners!

  1. Refresh with a facial scrub.

A facial scrub will remove the dry, dead skin cells causing it to appear it look dull and lifeless, massaging in a gentle exfoliant will boost the circulation bringing fresh blood to the area.

  1. Rehydrate skin with a serum.

Treat your skin to a facial serum, lighter in texture than a moisturiser it will give dehydrated skin the moisture boost it needs.

  1. Don’t let puffy eyes give you away

A good quality eye cream is worth its weight in gold. The Naturology Pro Eye Gel will help to reduce those un-slightly dark circles, and when gently patted (never rub or drag the skin) around the eye will diminish puffiness. It may seem clichéd, but a few slices of cool cucumber over the eye for 10 minutes will really help.If bloodshot eyes are your nemesis - lubricating eye-drops are your best friend!

  1. Use a rich hydrating moisturiser

Calm any alcohol-triggered irritation, soothe taut, tired skin. A fantastic moisturiser will help to restore suppleness and prevent water loss. Take the time to allow the moisturiser to absorb into your skin, and apply liberally! The motion of massaging you moisturiser gently around your face will stimulate blood flow and instantly give a more ‘awake’ appearance

  1. Reenergise with a mineral mask

A natural mineral packed mask will infuse your skin with all the essential elements it looks and feels like it is missing. Opting for an organic mask allows you to rest assured that you are doing the very best to recover the damage caused by dehydration. Look out for rejuvenating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol & Vitamin C.

  1. Try a hint of self tan

After boosting your skin with a range of revitalising products, add a hint of colour…it’s an excellent cheat to disguise the deathly pale exterior!

It goes without saying that having a few too many is not advisable and it would be best for your skin to be completely T Total, but life is for living, so make sure your skin care routine can keep up with your lifestyle and for every skin sin you back it up with a skin saint.







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  • Chloe Wallace