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Is your daily skincare routine giving you the best results?

Is your daily skincare routine giving you the best results?

You can spend a fortune on 'fabulous' skincare products, but if you are using them incorrectly you can be wasting your hard earned cash or doing more harm than good.


As a basic rule of thumb you should work from the lightest to heaviest

After you have cleansed you skin your routine should be as follows...

  1. Toner - leave this damp on the skin as it will help the absorption of your serum
  2. Serum - suited to your skin type, this helps to lock in moisture
  3. Moisturiser - to protect the skin and lock in the other products
  4. Eye Cream - just the tiniest amount gently tap around the orbital bone
  5. SPF - never underestimate the importance of protecting your skin against the suns harmful rays

great skincare routine


As i watched my husband slap on some moisturiser and roughy drag it around his face it reminded me of the importance of correct application.

Products should be gently massaged into the face and neck in an upward motion...we spend money on products to reduce our wrinkles not create more! Pay particular attention to tapping eye cream around the orbital bone, the skin is much thinner here so applying too much product or dragging the skin around will definitely do MORE HARM THAN GOOD

Frustratingly most eye creams seem very pricey and come in tiny quantities, whilst this helps encourage people to use them sparingly you end up spending lots on just packaging. Naturology offer a 50ml eye cream allowing the client to judge the correct amount to use as a golden rule... IF IN DOUBT USE LESS


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  • Mark Wallace