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How far would you go to protect your baby?

How far would you go to protect your baby?

precious baby skin

Having your first baby is the most challenging yet rewarding time of our lives, one thing that overwhelmed me when Isla came along was my lioness instinct to protect her in every way and protecting her delicate skin was no exception. 

Isla had quite dry skin particularly on her back and at times her face. At our 6 week doctors appointment we were prescribed an aqueous cream and emollient for in the bath. Like good dutiful parents we tried these solutions, but found them slow to show results and largely ineffective. 

When i took the time to look at the ingredients I was horrified to see what i was smothering my beautiful new baby's delicate skin with and frankly I felt guilty (as mummy's often do) for the harsh chemicals i was exposing her to.

 So I decided, out of interest, to try our Naturology Night Cream formulation on her, although it is predominately an anti ageing product as it's over 90% natural and designed for the most sensitive skin, I figured it couldn't do any harm to try.

To my delight within two days the dry taut looking skin on her tiny back was visibly softer and less flaky, and after a weeks use it was completely hydrated and as smooth as a little girls skin should be!

Needless to say I immediately stopped using the harsh products prescribed by the doctor and never looked back!

Over the last two years we have used the Night Cream on our gorgeous girl for everything from little patches of eczema to dry skin round her nose in the winter.


When I got pregnant for a second time last August it prompted us to look into creating a super natural cream designed especially with babies in mind! We knew we wanted something so gentle it can be used safely all over baby and deal with all the nasties we face with newborns including:

- nappy rash
- cradle cap
- eczema
- dry skin

Over the last 9 months we created our fabulous Baby cream, we are calling it Cradle Cap Cream but i like to think of it as an all purpose baby balm!

nappy rash cradle cap

The ingredients including Organic Shea Butter, Camomile & Oatmeal have been carefully selected for their kind calming properties and we are delighted with the end result.

The perfected final formula was ready just in time for the arrival of the newest Naturology family member - Florence (or Flora as we are calling her most of the time) and I can confidently say I couldn't be happier with it!

As Flora's skin adapted to her new non sterile world outside the womb her skin peeled, as many newborns do, and as you can see from the images the cream dramatically improved the appearance within just 3 days!

She has a fabulous thick head of hair and has shown no signs of cradle cap so I have not had to use it on her head! But I have used it several times a day for her nappy area and it has kept nappy rash at bay wonderfully. 


The cream is really lovely and thick which makes for far easier application on a wriggly piggly baby! It should also avoid sloppy situations like the one i had when i turned my back on Isla for 10 seconds...


messy time

I tend to apply twice a day to problem areas but I have also used it for massage, as part of our bedtime routine, over her whole body

I love the fact that I am not exposing my newborn to any horrible parabens and sulphates. As with the rest of the Naturology range the cream is fragrance free, suitable for vegans, made in Britain and not tested on animals!

So in answer to the title question, how far would you go to protect your baby?

We would create our own products to protect the precious skin of our most prized possession, on the bright side it means you don't have to! 

So don't delay click this link to protect your tiny bundle today!

We are so confident in our products we offer a 90 day guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.




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  • Chloe Wallace

13 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes

Discover 13 of the best ways to reduce those pesky bags & get rid of puffy eyes!!

natural eye serum

We'd love to know your thoughts, or better still have you got any tricks you've used to beat the dreaded dark circles - if you have and want to share them, please email me at

Whether you are in your 20s or are a more mature adult, the last thing you want are bags under your eyes. While they typically are not cause for any alarm, dark circles around the eyes simply make you feel and look older — something no one wants.

More common as you age, under eye puffiness — also referred to as bags under the eyes, puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes — is usually not a problem that requires medical attention, but how to get rid of bags under eyes?under eye bags

To answer that question, you first have to ask how do we get these unsightly bags in the first place? There are many causes, but generally skin tissues around the eyes weaken and sag, causing fluid to accumulate beneath the eyes and create a swollen appearance.

Things like seasonal allergies, eczema, water retention and sleeping face down can aggravate the condition, with heredity playing a role as well. And let’s not forget some self-inflicted behaviors like smoking, drugs and alcohol.

Fortunately, by changing certain habits and taking certain lifestyle and dietary steps, you can get rid of those bags under the eyes for good. Let’s dig a little deeper.

13 Ways to Help Prevent Bags Under The Eyes

Bags under the eyes are a common development of age and a frequent complaint among women who no longer feel as youthful as they once did. To describe what happens a bit more, normal fat that helps support the eyes sometimes moves into the lower eyelids, which causes the lids to appear puffy. Additionally, fluid may accumulate in the area below your eyes, which adds to the swelling.

How to get rid of bags under your eyes? There are numerous natural things you can do, from eliminating some bad habits to at-home remedies, that can help reduce the appearance of bags under eyes.

1. Take Care of Your Allergies

You are probably well aware of when your allergies flame up, as allergy season and watery, puffy eyes are inevitable for many. Try natural remedies, such as essential oils for allergies, to help manage them and catch them before they start. Also, have a small vial of an allergy essential blend handy since for some, allergies can sneak up when you least expect it.

2. Take It Easy On the Salt

Salt is most often linked to high blood pressure, but did you know that all that sodium can cause fluid retention and lead to puffiness around the eyes? If you use salt, use pure Himalayan sea salt and only a little bit. Avoid high salty foods, like pizza and some soups. Opt for fresh vegetables, in particular celery, which can help curb your desire for salt!

3. Exercise Those Bags Away

Exercise is a natural way to reduce the signs of aging and can promote a youthful glow to the skin but mostly, the area around your eyes will benefit from special facial exercises. Licensed aesthetician and author of The Yoga Facelift, Marie-Veronique Nadeau explains that yoga for the face involves slow exercises of the facial muscles to help tone and tighten them. 

Using light pressure from your fingers as resistance the exercises involve various facial expressions and pressure. And let’s not forget regular yoga and how it can benefit. The inverted poses such as shoulder stands and back bends can help increase circulation to the face, which carries away excess fluid and helps relieve swelling.

4. What Is Your Sleep Position?

Sleeping on your back can prevent gravity from causing fluid build-up around the eyes. Consider adding an extra pillow under your head as well, but make sure it is a pillow that is effective for good sleep — for if you can’t sleep, that can add to the dark circles under the eyes problem.

5. Try a Neti Pot

Have you heard of a neti pot? This is an ancient remedy that you can do as part of your daily routine to help combat those puffy eyes. Originating in India in Ayurvedic medicine, a neti pot looks like a small teapot and can be found at most health food stores or online. It can help flush out all that extra moisture in your sinuses from seasonal allergies, colds or infections. 

Simply pour salt water into one nostril and let it drain out the other. I usually just do this over the bathroom sink. It feels odd at first, but it is actually very cleansing and refreshing.

6. Remove Your Makeup Before Going to Bed

Leaving your eye makeup on can irritate your eyes, causing them to water and and get puffy. Make sure to gently remove your eye makeup before hitting the hay to help eliminate any added irritation around the eyes.

7. Limit or Eliminate Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates your body and skin. This dehydration can cause the delicate area around your eyes to appear sunken and dark. Also, alcohol can cause bloodshot, tired eyes. Taking it easy on the alcohol by having no more than one glass per day. I would suggest drinking lots of water instead. You will feel fresher, your eyes will be wide open, welcoming and your skin around your eyes will glow since they will be more hydrated.

8. Put Down Those Cigarettes for Good!

Did you know that smoking cigarettes dries out the skin and weakens the skin on your face as well as your whole body? It also causes premature aging around the eyes, in particular. The chemicals found in cigarettes are toxic and can cause irritation around the eyes, which could result in dark circles or bags in addition to a wrinkled, droopy appearance. If addiction has got you in its grips, you may want to try electronic cigs!

9. Try a Cold Compress … and a Cucumber

If your eyes are swollen and puffy, try a cold compress. Not only can this help reduce puffy eyes, it can be very relaxing which adds to a youthful appearance. You can achieve this by using chilled spoons on top of your eyes, cucumber slices, or even chilled, dampened tea bags with a drop of lavender essential oil added. The cool temperature is what makes this at home remedy effective.

10. Watch Out for That Sunshine

Overdoing it in the sun can make the skin around your eyes sag and wrinkle as well as cause dehydration of the skin. A mineral-based or homemade sunscreen, a good pair of UV-protected sunglasses, and a hat can do wonders to help protect your face from those harmful rays, ultimately keeping the skin around the eyes from creping and darkening due to the effects of the sun.

11. Have Your Cover Up Handy

You can often hide dark circles with a concealer. There are some mineral-based options available, but you can also make your own right at home. You can choose options that match your skin tone then simply apply it by lightly patting it onto the skin around the eyes. Do not rub it into the skin as this may cause further irritation. Also, do not use too much. You want a natural appearance to the skin. Too much can make dark circles, wrinkles and creped skin more prominent.  

12. Use an All-Natural Eye Cream

Since aging typically causes dehydration of the skin due to lack of collagen, moisturizing is essential. There are lots of creams available, but I recommend a homemade eye cream. You can try this at night, in the morning or both. 

If you really don't have the time or inclination to make your own, why not try Naturology's Pro Age Eye Gel

Best eye gel


13. Get More Collagen into Your Diet

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It’s found in our muscles, bones, skin and tendons. It gives our skin strength and elasticity, and helps replace dead skin cells. Our body’s collagen production naturally begins to slow down as we age. You can thank this process for baggy eyes.

Increasing collagen levels can help your skin look firmer, increase smoothness, and help your skin cells keep renewing and repairing normally. Try a chicken bone broth or collagen supplements, like collagen protein powder to increase your collagen intake.

Symptoms & Causes of Bags Under the Eyes

Bags under eyes can include mild swelling, saggy or loose skin and/or dark circles. While you may not like the way these bags look, they are usually harmless and do not require medical attention; however, if you experience severe and persistent bags accompanied by redness, itching or pain, you may want to see your doctor. Also, if you notice other parts of your body with redness, itching or pain, such as your legs, you could be having an allergic reaction and need medical attention. Your doctor will want to rule out other possible causes that can contribute to the swelling, such as thyroid disease or an infection.

As you age, the tissue structures and muscles supporting your eyelids become weak with the loss of collagen. This weakening of the tissue can cause the skin to begin sagging. The fat that is normally found in the area around the eyes may move into the area below your eyes accumulating fluid and making the under-eye area appear puffy or swollen. Some things that can make this happen are fluid retention due to changes in weather, hormone levels, eating salty foods, not getting enough sleep, allergies, dermatitis, especially if puffiness is accompanied by redness and itching and heredity. Source Article

Click here to see our 99% Natural Eye gel, if you do like the look of it and decided to give it a go, you're fully backed by our 365 day guarantee, so you really have got nothing to lose - just click the image below:

best eye bag cream

  • Chloe Wallace



So here’s the good news fellas you have 20-30% thicker skin than us women with greater levels of collagen and elastin, meaning your skin will stay naturally more hydrated with greater protection against UV rays, so ultimately you will age slower!



However, this does not mean you should rest on your laurels, the traditional male attitude toward skin care will do you no favours – gone are the days where soap and water is enough as a skincare regime, us girls have upped our game so you guys need to as well.



Here are a few common mistakes…






Male skin is naturally oiler than women’s due to your testosterone, so harshly scrubbing your face can trigger the production of more oil leading to ugly breakouts.




2. Ignoring suncream


Your skin may be thicker and may take longer to show the damaging effects of the suns harmful rays, but continuing to not use a strong SPF will dramatically age your skin as well as increase your risk of skin cancer!

3. Shaving


Now I’m not suggesting you don’t shave…just do it right! Shaving everyday can lead to ingrowing hairs, shaving rash and general irritation, with dry shaving causing the greatest level of sensitivity. To give your skin a fighting chance make sure you are using a good quality shaving cream and a nice clean sharp razor and an aftershave balm. Try Skin stuff 4 blokes Aftershave Balm 



I know blades are expensive, but theres no excuse for having the same one on for the last 6 months... You might be able to tolerate the shaving rash but your girlfriend won't be impressed if she's getting scratched to shreds        








4. Not washing your face before bed


You might not have a face of make up to take off but your skin has spent the day exposed to pollution and daily dirt and grime, cleansing your face before bed will help to get rid of the damaging free radicals your face is exposed to, to maintain a youthful appearance. 


5. Too tough to moisturise?


Everyone needs a little tenderness, you may have naturally more hydrated skin than women, but that’s no excuse not to give it a boost with moisturiser, as an added bonus you will find many have sun protection built in. Nourish and protect your skin twice a day for a fresh faced healthy glow.


5. Booze, fags & late nights


This little selection have a habit of going hand in hand, and whilst you maybe able to handle it now the reduction of blood circulation will show in sallow looking skin, increased fine lines and wrinkles, redness and irritation, and puffy tired looking eyes, not to mention the fag breath and beer belly!




Whilst an older looking man may be described as handsome and distinguished don’t think for a second that George Clooney debonair appearance comes without a little commitment to skincare regime and lifestyle.




So buck your ideas up now boys try Naturology for easy skincare.



Do You Know What is Hyaluronic Acid Is?

Hyaluronic acid hydrates

If you haven’t already come across it chances are you will soon, Hyaluronic acid is the ingredient taking a front row seat in our beauty products. Despite the word ‘acid ‘ being a potential turn off to consumers, it is a natural ingredient making big claims in the beauty industry.

What does it do

Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin for a more youthful appearance. Aged skin is exaggerated by a lack for water in skin meaning it can look sallow and show fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is unique in its ability to hold 1000 times its own weight in water, in fact no other biological substance holds more water giving it unbelievable hydrating qualities plumping up the skin for a more lustrous appearance and with it’s acid base it is even suitable for relieving dryness in acne prone skin.

The increased moisture creates firmer looking skin by increasing the skin’s elasticity, this improves the tone and overall texture of the skin. Repeated use of Hyaluronic acid will continue to improve the appearance and condition of the skin.

What is it?

Hyaluronic acid is a liquid carbohydrate that is found naturally in our bodies cushioning our joints, filling the eye and hydrating the skin and hair. The smooth complexions of elderly Japanese men and women has been attributed to their tofu and soya based diets, which has been found to trigger the body to produce more Hyaluronic acid. As we age our bodies produce less Hyaluronic Acid causing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in our skin.

How do we use it?

If you look at the ingredients of anti ageing skincare products the chances are they will contain an amount of Hyaluronic acid! The higher up the ingredients list they feature generally the greater the quantity, this substance is most effective when left on the skin to do it work, so is most effective in serums or moisturisers. It has also almost taken over the use of collagen in injectable facial and lip fillers as it has proved far longer lasting for the client.

 In summary…

Hyaluronic acid is a fantastic natural skin enhancement product, it provides an unrivalled level of hydration to our skin and is a highly effective anti ageing treatment which is here to stay…add it to your beauty regime today!

Naturology Age Reform is an ideal Hyaluronic acid based cream designed to work whilst you sleep so you wake up looking fresh faced.





One Too Many? Combat your hangover face...


We all know the tell tale signs we had one to many the night before puffy tired looking eyes, sallow taut dehydrated skin, open pores and a dulled complexion…not to mention crazy hair and a banging headache. Whilst paracetamol may ease your head, your skin will still give you away, but it doesn’t have to.

Hangovers are predominately down to the dehydration we experience as a result of alcohol, so the way you go about your drinking is a good place to start to reduce the effects the next day:

  • Eat a healthy starchy meal before you start lining your stomach does really work!
  • Make sure you are hydrated before you start, drinking plenty of water through the day
  • Drink MORE water between your alcoholic beverages
  • Before bed drink EVEN MORE water (sounding like a stuck record now)
  • Fully remove make up and cleanse your face before bed with a natural cleanser such as Naturology’s Vitamin C Clarifying Cleanser, to clear pores and get rid of the dirt from the day. Sleeping in make up can increase your exposure to the free radicals which break down the collagen in our skin reducing elasticity.

Assuming your drinking session didn’t result in extreme facial tattooing (in which case we can’t help you) here are our top tips making you look human, even if you feel like a bag of spanners!

  1. Refresh with a facial scrub.

A facial scrub will remove the dry, dead skin cells causing it to appear it look dull and lifeless, massaging in a gentle exfoliant will boost the circulation bringing fresh blood to the area.

  1. Rehydrate skin with a serum.

Treat your skin to a facial serum, lighter in texture than a moisturiser it will give dehydrated skin the moisture boost it needs.

  1. Don’t let puffy eyes give you away

A good quality eye cream is worth its weight in gold. The Naturology Pro Eye Gel will help to reduce those un-slightly dark circles, and when gently patted (never rub or drag the skin) around the eye will diminish puffiness. It may seem clichéd, but a few slices of cool cucumber over the eye for 10 minutes will really help.If bloodshot eyes are your nemesis - lubricating eye-drops are your best friend!

  1. Use a rich hydrating moisturiser

Calm any alcohol-triggered irritation, soothe taut, tired skin. A fantastic moisturiser will help to restore suppleness and prevent water loss. Take the time to allow the moisturiser to absorb into your skin, and apply liberally! The motion of massaging you moisturiser gently around your face will stimulate blood flow and instantly give a more ‘awake’ appearance

  1. Reenergise with a mineral mask

A natural mineral packed mask will infuse your skin with all the essential elements it looks and feels like it is missing. Opting for an organic mask allows you to rest assured that you are doing the very best to recover the damage caused by dehydration. Look out for rejuvenating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol & Vitamin C.

  1. Try a hint of self tan

After boosting your skin with a range of revitalising products, add a hint of colour…it’s an excellent cheat to disguise the deathly pale exterior!

It goes without saying that having a few too many is not advisable and it would be best for your skin to be completely T Total, but life is for living, so make sure your skin care routine can keep up with your lifestyle and for every skin sin you back it up with a skin saint.